Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

Kelly Doty Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Journey

Tattoo artist Kelly Doty lost 10 pounds of weight successfully and she is still continuing her hard work and keeping her daily routine good and healthy.

If you are a fan of Kelly Doty, You might be wondering how she did that and what was her diet plan or did she actually followed any diet plan. And what kind of workout she did?

Weight Loss Journey

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

Kelly did a great deal in the Ink Master, however, unfortunately, she did not win the finale. But she was a runner-up.

She lost in the finale but Kelly won the hearts of many fans. For which she was asked again on the show, Kelly did the spin-off reality show of Ink Master, which was Ink Master Angels.

Whoever, has known Kelly for a long time, must have known that she seems healthy where her weight was a concern.

However, her fans got shocked when she appeared recently with her new appearance.

Let’s find out how she did it.

Diet Plan

The 37 years old tattoo artist started her diet plan in a very simpler way. Kelly has not spoken much about her weight loss journey in public, however, what we know about her weight loss is through her Instagram and through her interviews.

Kelly starts her day with green tea and a packet of light snacks. However, she does not eat much until lunch.

For lunch, Kelly’s preference is less oily food. For that purpose, Kelly eats salad. Her dinner remains much of the same.

This is all that is known about her diet plan. However, Kirsten Vangsness’s and Michael Moore’s diet plans are quite interesting.

Workout Plan

Kelly also does workouts for the purpose to lose weight. She lifts weights and does walking. There is not much information available about Kelly’s workout plan. However, if you are looking for a good and healthy workout, continue reading.

The most effective way of workout is joining a gym as you will find all equipment there that is needed for a good workout.

Engaging in sports is also a great healthy activity. As it not only keeps your body moving but also builds your interest in it. What is better than liking a healthy activity?

How much weight has Kelly lost?

Kelly Doty Weight Lose

Through her weight loss journey, Kelly has successfully lost 10 pounds. And it seems that it only starts. She continues to do so.

Early Life

Kelly Doty is an American tattoo artist. Kelly was born on 10th July 1983. Her birthplace is Connecticut, United States.

Kelly Doty Tattoo

As her birth date is 10th July, giving her the zodiac sign of cancer. Kelly is a famous tattoo artist. Her designs are famous all around the US. She was cast in the 8th season of “Ink Master”. Which won her international recognition.

She now owns Helheim Gallery. As Kelly is a well-known and greatly skilled tattoo artist, she has many clients. And her clients continue to increase. According to Business insider, her net worth is $1.5 Million.

Kelly is a tattoo artist in her own unique way. She can give you the cutest tattoo as well as a spooky ghost tattoo. She described how her skill of tattooing goes as:

I specialize in spooky illustrated fairy tales and pop surrealist work. I like that people find my tattoos strange and unique at the same time. Long story cut short, I draw creepy pictures with big honkin’ bobbleheads”

What is more unique about Kelly’s work is that she associated stories with her tattoo characters. She is a fiction writer at the same time as well as a tattoo artist.

Whenever you want to try her tattoo make sure that you ask her about the background story of your tattoo.


Kelly Doty has successfully lost 10 pounds. Losing weight may seem a very hard thing to do. And let’s be honest it is hard to some degree but once you get used to the procedure it does not seem a big deal. So don’t wait for the right time, start it now.