Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss [2023]: Diet, Before & After

Kirsten has proved to be a very successful actress. However, despite her success in acting, Kirsten has been famous for another reason recently. She has transformed her body in a great way.

If you are a fan of the series, Criminals Minds you must have noticed the changes in Vangsness’ appearance.

While she was playing the role of Penelope Garcia, she started working on another aspect of her life. Her health.

Since then the actress has changed a lot physically. In a very positive way. Vangsness has lost a considerable amount of weight and left fans stunned.

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Kirsten Vangsness Weight loss journey

Kirsten has been struggling with her weight since she was just a child. She was also bullied for that reason when she was in school.

As a result of a bully, Vangsness has been a quiet kid even in her teenage years. However, this changed when she started acting and that was the moment she took charge of her life.

Kirsten Vangsness Journey

In 2014, while busy in the making of Criminals Minds, the actress finally decided to lose weight. So far the fans have debated over the reason Kirsten started her weight loss journey.

Kirsten Vangsness tweet

However, in an interview, Vangsness cleared the doubts and she said that “I lost some weight. I did it by reading a book and listening to a podcast by Renee Stephens. So there. Go forth and educate thyself.

As it appears Renee Stephens has been the real inspiration for Kirsten. If you don’t know Stephens, she is a weight loss coach and a trainer. Her name is the hope for the people who have tried everything and have given up because of despair.

Throughout the journey of weight loss, Kirsten’s character Penelope has motivated her and has given her good strength.

She praised the character in the following way “There’s the size thing, the nerdy thing, then I’m going to dress like this, I’m not going to play dumb. Sexuality comes from her sense of self, and I love that about her. I sort of borrow from her because she is comfortable”. She further said, “it has given me great strength.”

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How Kirsten Vangsness lost weight?

Kristen took help of Renee in losing weight. She followed the diet plan, Renee suggested. Renee’s strategy is somewhat different than others.

She believes that the first and foremost important factor in losing weight is that you must establish a strong relationship with the food you eat. Her idea seems a little bit strange but it is not if we see it closely.

Most of us just don’t care what we eat or drink daily. That is why not keeping a track of our daily intake, we eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and don’t realize it. Besides this, Vangsness also joined a gym that she attended daily and did workouts.

Diet Plan

Renee’s strategy simply says that first, you should choose a healthy diet. After choosing what you would eat for your daily routine you can build a relationship with that food.

You can establish a feeling that this is what I eat. Obviously, if it is a healthy food it will give you a sense of pride and will make you continue your diet plan.

This was simply the strategy of Renee and Vangness followed. Kirsten chose healthy food for her daily life, for breakfast, she would have a juice of vegetables and some light snacks.

For lunch and dinner, Vangsness chose to eat a salad of green vegetables. This gave her a sense of love for the food.

In just 6 weeks of Renee’s course, Kirsten made very great progress. A diet plan is one of the most crucial parts of any bodyweight loss journey.

Just doing exercise would not help, similarly just following a diet plan will not make a great difference.

It is the combination of both that a person can achieve success in this matter. As for Vangsness, she made a very big difference with the combination of the two.

Workout Plan

When the interviewer asked Kirsten about her workout, she said that “I joined a gym where I would do multiple workouts.”

She said something very strange that nobody expected, Kirsten further said “I ride a unicorn”. When she was asked about what she meant, the actress elaborated that “I pretend that I am riding a unicorn when I am doing deadlifts.

While in the gym Kirsten would do all stuff for losing weight. She did a lot of push-ups and pull-ups. Joining a gym is very effective as it has all equipment to lose weight and also trainers.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Kirsten Vangsness Before and Afte weight loss

Renee’s weight loss plan proved very effective, the actress lost 50 pounds. Which is a very big deal. Before joining the course Kirsten was 200 pounds.

Now she weighs around 150 pounds. As the photo shows the whole difference, she has made a great deal of losing weight.

While the courses ended after 6 weeks, she continued her diet and workout plans. She is now in very good condition.

The actress has now turned vegan to be in a slimmer shape. She said about her progress that “It feels very good to be slimmer. I have experienced this and I love it.” As it appears she wants to remain slim.


If you are struggling with anything in your life. Let it be weight, failure, or any other thing. The simple rule is don’t give up. The way Kirsten did not give up. She continued fighting obesity and she succeeded at last.

When confronted with anything difficult most people tend to overthink in place of doing something about it. We make the problem bigger by just simply thinking a lot. In most cases, the problem is very small when decided to solve it.

So, if you are feeling overweight, don’t panic and don’t overthink the fact. This is a normal problem of the 21st century a lack of physical work.

There are many ways you can fight back against obesity. You can either follow the Vangsness story or any other person from the list on this website. Or you can create one for yourself.