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Abbi Jacobson Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Abbi is a super-talented American star. She’s not just an actress, but also a funny comedian, a clever writer, and a hardworking producer. And guess what? She recently made a big change in her life by losing a lot of weight!

Ever since Abbi became an adult, she had been wrestling with weight issues. It was something she had been dealing with for a while, but she never really focused on it too much.

But then, something changed. Abbi began to worry that her weight might lead to some health troubles. So, she decided to start a journey to lose some pounds and get healthier. It’s a big step for her, and we’re cheering her on!

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Weight Loss Journey

Abbi Jacobson sitting

After Abbi decided that she would shed some pounds, the American actress started looking for an efficient way.

Jacobson took the help of a professional trainer. He taught her how she can lose more pounds in small time. Hence started Abbi’s weight loss journey.

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How did Abbi lose weight?

Jacobson started following a diet and workout plan. Since Abbi is a busy person she was struggling to find time for a workout plan. But with professional help, Abbi managed to set a time for her daily workout.

Diet Plan

Abbi followed a complex but healthy diet. In an interview, the actress said “I gave up all oily food as soon as I heard the dangers it possesses to my health. And believe me, it was one of the great decisions of my life.”

Jacobson gave up all oily food including fast food. Her diet would be solely composed of veggies. The actress would eat a vegetable salad for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, Abbi would have herbal tea and an omelet.

The Broad City Star also limited the consumption of alcohol. Jacobson would also eat fruits along with veggies. With all these measures taken Abbi started noticing positive changes.

Workout Plan

To shed extra pounds Jacobson started doing workouts with her professional trainer. She followed an intense workout. Abbi practiced boxing.

She would also do swimming for an hour daily. Swimming is a very efficient way to reduce weight. it includes the movement of almost every limb. After her daily workout, Abbi would practice Yoga to bring peace to her mind.

When an interviewer asked about the secret of her weight loss, the actress answered “I did the workout, a lot of workouts. When my body was tired of 2 hours long exercise I will do yoga for another 15 minutes. It was a very great experience.

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Abbi’s fans did not like the idea

When Abbi appeared on the red carpet after her body transformation, a lot of people started criticizing her. Even her fans did not like the idea.

They criticized Jacobson that she changed herself to fit the “Hollywood standards”. While most people criticized the actress some people also praised her for making good decisions for her health. However, Abbi never gave any remarks on the criticism she faced.

Abbi Jacobson Before After


With the efforts mentioned above, Abbi Jacobson succeeded in losing 17 pounds. She made this choice for the sake of her health and the good thing is that she is satisfied with it.

So, if you are also facing the dilemma of whether go for losing weight or not, listen to your heart, and think about what is good for you. Don’t think about other people’s opinions do whatever is right for you.