Matt Damon Weight Loss [2023], Before and After Journey

From playing a sniper assassin to being an astronaut left alone on Mars, Damon knows perfectly how to get into the roles he plays.

He has a knack for it. Matt had worked in a lot of movies and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

However, success comes with sacrifice. People love Matt because of his brilliant acting and the way he converts himself totally into the character.

To play his characters, Matt has undergone a lot of transformations. However, the most amazing one was his transformation for Courage Under Fire.

Matt Damon weight loss journey 2

Damon had to play the role of a drug addict in the movie. To play the role he was required to lose a lot of weight.

A lot of weight. So Matt undertook to play this character as a responsibility.

He described the journey as “the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever had to do in my life”.

Thus started Damon’s weight loss journey. 

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Matt Damon’s Weight Loss Journey

Matt Damon weight Loss journey

Matt’s weight loss method is very unique. In order to lose pounds, he stuck to a single diet for every meal.

Matt would eat chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He called it the “chicken diet”.

He stopped eating any meal other than those consisting of chicken.

By following his chicken diet, Damon successfully lost 51 pounds. Only within 3 months.

Along with following the chicken diet, Matt also started doing some hard workouts. He joined a gym for this purpose, where he would spend most of his time.

However, Damon’s main focus was on his diet plan as he wanted to lose weight and aimed at looking skinny not a person with muscles.

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Matt’s Chicken Diet is Very Dangerous

It was very risky. I succeeded but I admit it wasn’t a good choice. The doctor told me that I could have shrunk my heart” said Damon in an interview.

As Matt himself admits, therefore, we wouldn’t suggest anyone even think about following the chicken diet.

Remember, Matt followed this diet plan to look like a drug addict not like a wrestler or superhero.

After losing that much weight, Matt struggled with weakness. Soon after the shooting was done he started eating in excess to get back to his normal shape and feel himself. 

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Matt’s Weight Loss for Martian

Matt undergoes a weight-loss procedure again as he was cast for the movie, Martian.

In the movie, Damon’s character is left alone on Mars while his crew has gone back to Earth.

While staying on Mars he had to survive. Because of the lack of food, Damon’s character loses weight.

Matt Damon weight loss before and after

To play this character, Matt lost 40 pounds.

He said, “I talked to Ridley about losing weight for The Martian because I’ve lost weight before for movies.

We had about six months. And I said, ‘That’s perfect. I’ll lose about 30 or 40 pounds, and we’ve got to shoot all that stuff first”.

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Final Words

Damon seems to be in love with what he does. He works very hard.

And his hard work is the reason that he has been rocking Hollywood for decades.

As mentioned earlier, please don’t even think about following Matt’s chicken diet. It is very dangerous.

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