Reggie Watts Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Reggie is an all-time best comedian. He’s a multi-talented American with the talents like comedy, acting, beatboxing, and singing. Being multi-talented acquires so much time of Watts’ day that he never gets enough time to give much attention to his health.

Because of this problem, Reggie became overweight. Even though he was struggling with weight for a long time, however, a real kick came when he started his tour of the world. Whenever Watts would feel exhaustive, he would run to a restaurant and would find comfort in food. 

When Reggie was finally done with touring, he started noticing his personal life. He could feel that the obesity was weighing him down. In an interview, Watts described his feelings as “I felt like an in-shape guy in a fat suit. I’d be like, ‘Argh, I can move much better than that, I can look much better than that”.

With that realization, Reggie Watts started his weight loss journey that would make his life much better. In this way, he lost more than 60 pounds. Let’s dive into more details.

Reggie’s Weight Loss Journey

Reggie Watts after weight loss 2

There were multiple habits that were contributing to Reggie’s increasing weight, however, one of all of them was the most notorious one. His eating habit. While working for long hours under full stress Watts built the habit of overeating. Food was a source of relief for him.

To eliminate this negative habit and to limit the calorie consumption to the extent that an average person needs, Reggie followed a diet plan. He put restraints on certain things and limited others. 

Reggie’s Diet Plan

Reggie Watts before weight loss

The American comedian took the help of a professional trainer. He helped Watts in building a healthy diet plan for him. Reggie limited the calorie consumption to just 1500 calories. He stopped going to restaurants more often.

Watts substituted processed food with homemade healthy food. Reggie would have one of the following dishes for lunch and dinner: Baked Chicken, cod, steamed broccoli, and wilted spinach. For lunch, Reggie would have a unique recipe that he created with the help of his trainer.

His breakfast dish’s ingredients are a half cup of water, a cup of oats, one scoop of chocolate egg-white protein, a half cup of plain kefir, and blackberries. That recipe not only tastes good but it is very beneficial for health as well.

Reggie’s Workout Plan

Reggie also burned a lot of calories by working out. He joined a gym where he would do all kinds of cardio workouts. Besides that Watts also took the help of his music in order to lose some pounds. He would dance while playing his own music.

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Before & After

Reggie Watts Before After weight loss

After losing 60 pounds, Watts’ current weight is 163 pounds as compared to his old weight, 225 pounds. Reggie not only lost 60 pounds but he also gained 20 pounds of muscles that made him really strong.

Reggie Watts before weight loss

Final Words

Sure we all are busy in our daily lives. We all have got our work that can’t wait. But please listen to your body as well. Listen to what is it saying to you. Because if you keep your body happy, that’s to say to keep it well, then it will keep you energetic and happy throughout the day.

Just follow what Reggie did. He realized that his body was demanding some care and acted at the right time.

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