Mauro Castano Weight Loss: How did He Shed Pounds?

Born on August 18, 1963, in Milan, Italy, Castano is an American chef. He later moved to the USA. Mauro rose to prominence after his appearance on TLC’s reality culinary show, Cake Boss. Mauro appeared at first as a contestant and then as an assistant to Buddy Valastro. 

Although Castano is a successful and great chef, his skills had a somewhat negative impact on his health. Being a pastry chef, Mauro always had to be around cakes and sweets. All in all, he was always around sugar. Now, no one on earth can say no to Castano’s cakes, not even Castano himself.

Mauro Castano weight loss

As a result of which, he started gaining weight. Within a couple of years, he reached a very dangerous situation that the doctor suggested Mauro slow down and work on the improvement of his health. He heeded the advice and started working on losing weight.

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Mauro Castano’s Weight Loss Journey

Mauro likes to keep his personal life a secret so there is not much information available about his weight loss journey, however, what is apparent is that he built self-discipline. Mauro learned how to restrain himself while baking and not fall for it. 

Mauro Castano before after weight loss

He has limited his sugar consumption to the level of a normal person. Along with that, he also started doing exercises and going for walks in the morning. All these healthy actions and habits combined helped Mauro in getting out of the unhealthy lifestyle and heading toward a healthy one.

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