CC Sabathia before after weight loss CC Sabathia before after weight loss

CC Sabathia Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

CC (Carsten Charles) Sabathia is an American baseball player. He played as a baseball pitcher.

Throughout his career, Sabathia played in 19 seasons of Major League Baseball. Even though a lot of people know him as a New York Yankees player, CC started his career by playing for the Cleveland Indians.

He remained on the team for 7 and a half seasons. In his debut league in 2001, Sabathia placed second in the 2001 AL Rookie of the Year.

Even though being a baseball player means being an athlete, baseball players have a somewhat tricky daily routine.

CC joined the game when he was all fit and fine physically as well as mentally.

However, as his career proceeded, his health started getting affected by an unpredictable schedule. In the middle of his career, CC started gaining weight.

CC Sabathia before weight loss

When CC retired from baseball in 2019, he was struggling with his being overweight.

He had gained a lot of extra and unhealthy pounds that were slowing him down. So, after being out of the game, CC decided to shed some pounds.

Recently, he has lost 50 pounds, which has shocked his fans as well as Yankees fans.

Soon after Sabathia shared his new photos with his new appearance, fans stormed his social media accounts asking what had he done.

So, what has he really done? Let’s find out the whole story behind CC’s weight loss but before that, let’s find out how did he gain those extra pounds.

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How did Sabathia Gain Extra Pounds?

Before starting his baseball career, Sabathia was conscious and well aware of his health and his eating habits.

However, it all started after 2001. Because of baseball, CC’s daily routine got so disturbed that his health got affected. Here is what CC, himself, said,

“Baseball schedule is a lot different than a normal schedule. We’re up super late at night. We get homes after games probably like midnights. You don’t get to sleep until two or three in the morning. So, most of the time, we don’t wake up until 11’o clock.”

Although there are many factors that contribute to weight gain, our diet is the most important one.

While talking about his old diet, Sabathia said, “You just kind of grab up whatever is in front of you. Most of the time during the baseball season, I would skip breakfast and that would start my bad eating habits.”

He further said, “My favorite pregame meal would be if I was pitching, it would be a chicken sandwich. I always thought the bigger I was the best pitcher I was. It worked sometimes though.” But it also made him unhealthy. 

The good news, however, is that Sabathia has finally gotten rid of extra and unhealthy pounds and is now living a healthy and fine life.

So, how did this transformation take place? This is the main topic of this article. Let’s dive right into CC’s weight loss journey.

How did CC lose weight?

After raising questions about CC’s weight, let’s now find answers. Sabathia lost weight by adding to his life what was missing, discipline.

He altered his diet plan completely. Substituting what was unhealthy with healthy food. Besides that, CC also spent more time in the gym than before.

CC also worked on his daily schedule. Whereas before, he didn’t have any time fixed for sleeping, now he was following a well-prepared daily schedule. “Now that I’m not playing baseball, I’m kind of like on my own schedule”, CC said. “I go to bed pretty early these days. I usually wake up at 6:30’o clock. And this is when my day starts.”

CC Sabathia’s Diet Plan

As mentioned earlier, Sabathia wakes up at 6:30 in the morning. He eats his breakfast at 7:00 a.m.

CC’s diet plan consists of grit sausage and six white eggs. In CC’s words, “That’s enough fuel to get me through my workout.”  

After having this breakfast, Sabathia heads to the gym, which we will discuss later. After doing an intense workout regimen, CC drinks a couple of shakes in the gym.

At reaching home, CC has a snack “which is a couple of apples and then a couple of Greek yogurts”.

Normally, CC eats lunch at 12’o clock. Sabathia’s lunch consists of food that is both tasty and healthy.

His lunch is a t-bone steak, wild rice, and asparagus. After lunch, if CC feels like eating some food, he eats almonds, beef jerky, and a lot of water to wash the untimely hunger away.

CC’s dinner consists of the same types of food as his lunch, both tasty and healthy. For dinner, CC eats chicken, fish, mustard greens, and quinoa.

CC follows this diet routine every day. After eating dinner, the next time he would eat anything, it wouldn’t be until 7’o clock in the morning.

And as we all have moments of eating what our hearts want, Sabathia does the same. You know, being a human, it is sometimes impossible to follow the same routine every day.

So, Sabathia does have a cheat meal. And it is none other than Brownstone Pancake Factory’s Chocolate Chip Pancake. 

Talking about his cheat meal, CC said, “That’s like my one sugar day for the week.

Talking about his future plans, Sabathia said, that his goal is to “not eat his feelings or aspire to live a comfortable life but to live a healthy one.”

CC Sabathia’s Workout Plan

This was CC’s diet plan. Let us now turn to his workout plan. As much effort CC puts into following a healthy diet plan and controlling his calorie intake, he does the same for burning extra calories. CC workouts along with his personal trainer, Dave.

Talking about his workout plan, CC said, “I’m normally in the gym at 9’o clock so most of the day, Dave (his personal trainer) puts through some tough workouts that last about an hour or sometimes an hour and a half.” He visits the gym 6 days a week. 

Before & After Weight Loss

CC Sabathia before after weight loss

At his heaviest, CC weighed 342 pounds, which is not healthy at all. But, by adopting a healthier lifestyle, CC managed to shed about 50 pounds. Now, he weighs between 280 to 285 pounds, and that’s a big step toward better health.

Final Words

This was CC’s complete and inspirational weight loss story. Throughout his journey, he faced a lot of problems.

He thought to give up his strict lifestyle and turn back to living like a food addict. But Sabathia didn’t give up.

He stood and kept fighting until he was living a healthy life. All those efforts paid off in the end.

CC’s weight loss story can be an inspiration for anyone who is looking forward to living a healthy life.

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