Mo'Nique before and after weight loss Mo'Nique before and after weight loss

Mo’Nique Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Mo’Nique, the famous American comedian and actress whose real name is Monique Angela Hicks. You might know her from her hilarious performances, like when she joined The Queens of Comedy. But she’s not just about making people laugh; she’s also earned a Grammy Award nomination in 2002.

Now, here’s the twist: Mo’Nique has made headlines recently, and it’s not because of her jokes or acting skills. Nope, this time, it’s all about her health journey. She’s dropped a whopping 80 pounds, and it’s impossible to miss the change!

People are buzzing about it, and her fans are curious. Why did she decide to lose weight? Was it for her health? Or maybe there’s another reason? Well, if you’re eager to find out, keep reading this article.

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Monique’s Weight Loss Journey

Describing her weight loss journey, Monique said in her Instagram video, “The journey’s been amazing because it truly lets you know what you’re made of”, she continued, “People always say, ‘Mo’Nique, what motivates you?’ I had to do it for my husband and my children. And I had to get out of my own way”.

There was a rumor on the internet that Monique had lost weight because of her upcoming movie, Blackbird. However, as she, herself, has pointed out that it wasn’t the case. Monique was looking forward to living her life completely. She was concerned about her health.

Which was getting out of control because of her increasing weight. However, the good thing is that she took action right at the time when it was needed. 

How Did Monique Lose Weight?

Mo'Nique after weight loss

Monique lost weight because of discipline. She took the help of her personal trainer in this regard. Daily 3 hours in the gym and eating healthy food helped her in getting rid of extra pounds. “When my trainer first brought me out to this track, he would let me walk half, and then I had to run”, Monique explained her experience.

She continued, “I said to him, ‘One day, I want to be able to run around this track twice without stopping.’ Well, today was that day. I made it around this track twice without stopping.”

Monique also made huge changes to her diet. For the most part of her weight loss journey, she followed a vegan diet. Monique not only gave up meat, but she also stopped consuming all dairy products. Her determination was showing it all.  And with the power of will like that, nothing can stop you.

In one of her Instagram videos, Monique had a message for her fans as well. She said, “I’m telling y’all, if you don’t quit on you, you’ll get what you’re asking for. Just don’t quit on you”, she further said, “It doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come through a magic potion or a special wand or processed boxed meals from a weight loss program”, She finished the video by pointing out to her heart and saying, “It comes from right here.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Mo'Nique before and after weight loss

Monique’s transformation is truly impressive. If you compare her current weight, which is a mere 121 pounds, to her previous weight of 200 pounds, you’ll see that she’s shed more than 80 pounds.

That’s like carrying around two heavy bags of groceries less every day! Her incredible weight loss journey has left many people wondering how she achieved such a remarkable transformation.

Final Words

Monique’s brave weight loss journey can be a good example for anyone who is looking forward to getting rid of extra pounds. She proved there is never too late. After fighting ever-increasing weight, Monique has finally taken a stand and has changed her life.

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