Christina Aguilera Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Christina is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and TV personality. Due to her magical voice and unique way of singing, Aguilera is known as the “Voice of a Generation”. She is best known for her ability to sustain high notes. Christina rose to fame after her eponymous debut album.

There is no doubt that Aguilera is an all-time favorite singer. She is well-known for her bold speaking and style. Throughout her music career, Christina has not only shocked her fans through her music but all through her fashion and new looks.

Recently, she surprised the fans with a completely new look. The 41-year-old artist was totally unrecognizable when she appeared on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards. It was apparent that Christina had lost a significant amount of weight. 

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Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Journey

Well, it wasn’t the first time that the famous singer had lost weight. As mentioned earlier, she is well-known for her new appearances now and then. What was new though was that the change in Aguilera’s physique was more noticeable this time.

Christina lost 50 pounds, which even though she is 41 years old and is a mother of two made her look like totally ageless. No wonder fans are going crazy and want to know how did she do that. I’m not going to make you wait any longer, let’s find out how Christina shed so many pounds.

How did Christina Lose Weight?

Aguilera lost weight by completely changing her lifestyle. She lost weight by combining a healthy diet plan and a healthy workout routine. She completely changed the way she ate and spent the day before. Christina was looking forward to shedding pounds for a long time.

However, her busy schedule wasn’t allowing that. And when she got time for it, she nailed it. The first change that Aguilera made in her lifestyle was that she altered her diet plan. Here are the details:

Christina’s Diet Plan

In order to lighten up, Christina reduced her daily calorie consumption to 1600 calories. She said goodbye to her old diet plan and followed the Rainbow Diet. I know you are wondering what is a rainbow diet. Well, it is simple. It is different color food on different days. Here’s how it goes:

Red Day: Usually red day was Monday. And on a red day, Aguilera would eat all foods that were red in color. She would eat strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, red cayenne pepper, red grapes, and red lean meat.

White Day: Christina’s white day meal consisted of cauliflower, bananas, egg whites, milk, and garlic.

Green Day: Green day diet was more healthy than on other days. On a green day, Christina would eat Brussels, spinach, grapes, cucumber, broccoli, and lettuce.

Purple Day: Aguilera would eat purple cabbage, blackberries, eggplant, purple cauliflower, dark grapes, and plum on a purple day.

Orange Day: Well, on an orange day, she consumed all orange food. Christina would eat pumpkin, carrot, apricot, peach, papaya, and redfish.

Yellow Day: Then came the yellow day. On a yellow day, Aguilera would eat, honey, egg yolk, yellow bell pepper, corn, and mature cheese.

Unfortunately, there are not many foods with blue color, otherwise, she would have included a blue day as well. She maintained this rainbow diet for about a month. As of now, she doesn’t follow the rainbow diet but she only eats healthy food. Along with eating all the mentioned foods, Christina would also stay away from unhealthy food such as processed food.

She said goodbye to alcohol for whole two months and drank only fresh fruit juice. Christina also drank a lot of water to stay away from unnecessary food consumption and to maintain her hydration level throughout the day. It also helped her in maintaining her energy throughout her workout sessions.

Christina’s Workout Plan

While the rainbow diet helped Aguilera in reducing her calorie consumption, her daily workout routine helped her in burning extra calories. To attain a flat belly, she focused on abs exercises. Christina also did a lot of heavy lifting to strengthen her back.

She would do push-ups, pilates, pull-ups, plank, lunges, and many more exercises. While focusing on gymming, she also started exercising yoga, which not only helped her in stretching but also helped her in achieving peace of mind.

Before & After Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera before after weight loss

After dropping a significant amount of weight, that is losing 50 pounds, Christina’s current weight is 110 pounds (50 kgs). Yes, you read it right. Whereas before, she weighed around 160 pounds.

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Final Words

There is no doubt that the only way to lose weight is by going out there and working hard. And Christina has proved this again and again. You just have to face the truth. And once you achieve your desired physique, you would know the worth of this hard work.

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