Newt Gingrich Weight Loss [Updated] Before & After

Newt is famous for his active politics and his well-written books. But the personal life of the 50th speaker of the US House of Representatives is kind of a secret. 78 years old, Gingrich, was having some trouble with his weight. But he has taken care of it.

Recently, Newt has shaded many pounds. Weight has always been a problem for Newt. He was always asked about his weight by the voters if not the press. Just look at the following incident. When Gingrich was in South Carolina GOP event a voter woman came to him and asked:

“You look to be in very good health and if you are the president for the next eight years, I hope you can confirm that?” Newt replied laughingly, “I’m fine”. However, as of now, Newt is in very good health condition. He has overcome his weight and his appearance is better than before.

How did Newt lose weight?

Newt Gingrich Journey

Newt was overweight since his childhood. He has been trying to lose weight since then. Gingrich tried to shed some extra pounds in 2019 and 2020, but it did not seem to work out. However, as of 2021, Newt is lighter and fitter than before.

He lost weight by simply doing exercise and restraining himself from unhealthy food. Newt’s weight loss journey started when he met John DeFendis. John is from south Florida. DeFendis is a former Mr USA bodybuilder.

DeFendis remarked about Gingrich as “He was overweight and out of shape. He needed to do what most people need to do. Lose weight and build some muscle.” Gingrich joined DeFendis’ weight loss program, Burn Fat, Build Muscle.

John DeFendis’ program actually includes a diet and workout plan. That has to be followed. Even though it does not include intense workouts, he is strict about the timing and routine of the workout.

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Diet Plan

DeFendis handed Newt a shopping list that included baked potatoes, fresh green vegetables, boneless chicken breast, brown/white rice, flaxseed cereal, and fat-free spaghetti.

DeFendis’ diet plan also includes taking six supplements along with breakfast and lunch. He says that these supplements help in burning fat and building muscle.

Though there are nutritionists that criticize the idea of taking supplements. They say that supplements don’t help people with weight loss but diet and workouts do. Nevertheless, Gingrich followed DeFendis’ diet plan entirely.

Workout Plan

Gingrich spent 1 and a half an hour daily in the gym along DeFendis. They would start the workout at 6:30 a.m. There are some fans of Newt who want to know whether DeFendis is also interested in politics. In his own words “I didn’t know a thing about politics. I barely knew who he was in the beginning.”

He continued, “You gotta understand, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. I was always busy training people. So, I didn’t have much time.” Newt would do leg raises, lunges, crunches, cycling, and barbell curls.

How much weight did Newt lose?

With all this workout and diet plan, Gingrich succeeded in losing 30 pounds. However, given Gingrich’s weight, it was not much of a big deal. But he is still working on his weight and is improving with the passage of time.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Newt Gingrich Before and after

Before starting the weight loss journey along DeFendis, Newt weighed around 250 pounds. However, his current weight is 203 pounds.

Weight Loss Surgery

There is a misunderstanding among many fans of Newt Gingrich that he went through weight-loss surgery. However, he did not undergo any surgery, let alone weight loss surgery. Newt has lost weight only and solely through DeFendis’ weight loss program.

DeFendis’ remarks about Newt

DeFendis gave remarks about working with Newt “It was fun working with him. If he’s put on a couple of pounds, all he needs to do is get back on the program. This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle.”

What has Newt said about his weight loss journey?

Newt described the journey as follows “Losing weight was not easy. It was one of the hardest things of my life. But now I’m feeling good. I’m feeling comfortable and complete.”


No matter if you are a president of the USA, a former speaker, an actor, or a common person, we all are humans. We all are the same and therefore, we all got the same problems. I hope that Newt Gingrich’s journey empowers you in your struggle against obesity.

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