jimmy jam before after weight loss jimmy jam before after weight loss

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Meet Jimmy, a talented American songwriter and record producer known for creating R&B and Pop music. He’s like a musical superhero, but every hero has a sidekick, and in this case, it’s his friend Terry Steven Lewis.

Jimmy and Terry have been buddies since high school and together they’ve done amazing things in the world of music. However, today we’re shining the spotlight on Jimmy.

Imagine Jimmy as a musical wizard who can play the piano, keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers like no other. People love his music, but there was something he was struggling with – his weight.

Back in 2018, when Jimmy walked the red carpet with his daughter Bella, he looked a bit overweight. But something incredible happened in just a few months. The next time he appeared on the red carpet with his wife Lisa, people couldn’t believe their eyes.

Jimmy had transformed himself. In just four months, he had lost a lot of weight. His fans went wild on social media, coming up with all sorts of ideas about how he did it. Some thought he might have been dealing with a serious illness that caused him to lose weight so quickly.

However, another singer named Keith Sweat had a different idea. He thought that Jimmy’s change in appearance was probably due to changes in his diet or a new workout routine. He explained that losing so much weight in such a short time would be really hard without making changes in these areas.

It’s pretty clear that Jimmy began his weight loss journey around January 2018 and made great progress between February and June. It’s amazing how he managed to transform himself and surprise everyone with his new look.

How did Jimmy Lose Weight? 

jimmy jam weight loss journey

how did Jimmy manage to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time? Well, most of Jimmy’s life is a mystery – he doesn’t share a lot about what’s happening in his world. This secrecy is why his fans come up with all sorts of ideas about his life.

Once Jimmy’s fans realized that he wasn’t dealing with any illness (which would usually be public knowledge), they started coming up with other ideas.

Some of them thought that maybe Jimmy had undergone weight loss surgery. It kind of makes sense, considering how much his weight changed.

But, here’s the twist – after we did some digging and learned more about his life, it turned out that surgery wasn’t the secret behind his transformation.

Instead, Jimmy had a really strict routine. Imagine a plan he followed every day. This routine included a well-thought-out diet and a workout schedule. It was these disciplined habits that helped him conquer his weight and achieve his amazing transformation.

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Diet Plan

Jimmy’s wife, Lisa, remarked his weight loss as a “great job in half of a year”. His diet plan, which he still follows, is mainly comprised of vegetables cooked in olive oil. Following is Jimmy’s diet plan in detail:


He wakes up early in the morning between 5 to 6 am after which he goes for a walk. After the walk, Jimmy visits the gym, which we will discuss later, after returning from the gym he eats his breakfast which is merely comprised of salad fried in olive oil. Instead of Coffee or milk tea, Jimmy drinks green tea for breakfast.


For lunch, Jimmy eats different meals, however, his more repetitive meals are composed of Salmon fish and Cruciferous Vegetables.

Although Salmon is a fatty fish it has very few calories. It helps Jimmy retain his energy level for a long time. Another advantage of eating salmon for lunch is that it also fulfills your iodine needs.

 Salmon fish mainly contains protein which makes it a healthy diet. While Cruciferous Vegetables contain Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage.

This diet like salmon fish is also full of proteins, thus a healthy choice for a weight loss diet. Cruciferous Vegetables are high in fibre and nutrients which improved Jimmy’s overall health.


During dinner, Jimmy’s main focus is on a unique diet called “Black Bean-Quinoa Buddha Bowl”. This diet merely contains grains, which give strength to the body and help in losing fat. Hence Jimmy’s best choice for dinner.

Workout Plan

As mentioned earlier Jimmy’s personal life is kind of secret. We tried so hard to get success in finding out his diet and we happened to be lucky. However, this luck did not happen in finding his workout plan.

However, we succeeded in reaching one of Jimmy’s fellow gym-goers from whom we found that it is certain Jimmy visits the gym every morning after a walk and spends two hours there.

He said that Jimmy’s main focus is on weight lifting and cycling at a slow speed. That is all we know about his gym life.

How much weight did Jimmy lose?

In a press interview, Jimmy’s wife Lisa informed that in a few months of a strict diet and intense workout, Jimmy has managed to lose 25 pounds! Which is of course a great deal.

Before and After Weight Loss

Jimmy Jam before after weight loss

As can be seen from the first photo (which was captured in January 2018) Jimmy is present with his daughter at a red carpet event and looks very healthy.

However, the story is changed in the second photo which was captured in June 2018. Jimmy’s hard work can be traced from the difference between the two photos. 

Where is he now?

Jimmy Jam,Terry Lewis

Jimmy still follows his diet and workout plan. He has become very slim from what he was two years ago. 

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Final Words

When asked by a reporter about his weight loss, Jimmy answered that he was feeling the need for some weight loss. “Because it was about my health I wanted to be fit and fine”, Jam answered. He mentioned that it is hard to lose weight but it’s worth doing.

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