Questlove Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Questlove, an American musician, author, songwriter, and film director has gone through a fitness journey. His real name is Ahmir Khalib Thompson.

During the pandemic, Amir got a lot of time to focus on his health and a lot of things got changed. Questlove lost more than 180 pounds in the process. How he did do it? Let’s find out.

Weight Loss Journey

Questlove Weight Loss journey

Questlove was busy in his career doing a lot of things and he enjoys it. At an early age, he didn’t focus on his health. He was eating everything he get his hands on.

But as time goes some of his friends died from strokes. Suddenly he realized that he also has to do something about his health otherwise he will end up like his friends.

Questlove used to be lazy and don’t like working out but when he lost his friends it hit him very hard and his mindset got changed. Now he was a lot more careful about his health and the food he was eating.

Questlove Weight Loss journey 2

Finally, he started taking some help from the nutrition coach and workout trainer. They were a big help to him.

There are other musicians who also lost weight check out Osby Berry and Zac Brown weight loss journey. 

What kind of Diet is Questlove on?

His nutrition coach helped him to make a better and healthy diet plan which includes, Lots of green vegetables, fish, lobster, and beet juice.

They have excluded all the gluten, dairy, and wheat stuff. He changed his diet after losing weight. Don’t get me wrong. He is still not eating or drinking any unhealthy stuff. But now he is a little flexible about his diet.

Workout Plan

Questlove trained with his personal trainer and this was very helpful for him. Now he won’t have any excuse for not working out.

His trainer makes sure that he workouts regularly and achieves his goals. Questlove’s goal was to reduce his weight to 200 pounds.  

Is Questlove diabetic?

No, Questlove doesn’t have any health issues now. He is completely fine and living a healthy life.

Is Questlove a vegan?

Yes, after losing some weight he changed his diet a lot and only included vegan stuff. And his diet may remain like this for a long time.

How much does Questlove’s weight

Currently, his weight is around 300 pounds and he is trying to lose more weight.

Before & After Weight Loss

Questlove Before After Weight Loss

After doing a lot of hard work and having healthy meals for a long time. Questlove manages to lose 187 pounds. Before starting his weight loss journey his weight was more than 480 pounds.

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