Retta before and after weight loss Retta before and after weight loss

Retta Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Retta (Marietta Sangai Sirleaf) is a famous American stand-up comedian. She shares happiness with her hilarious jokes. When you look at her, she represents a bright and happy soul. However, that’s not the way Retta has always been.

She has seen a lot of upheavals in her life. Retta from the past was very different from the present one.

In her school life, Retta was always a quiet kid. She said that she “didn’t know anything about fashion”.

However, it all changed when Retta entered the acting world. She said that a friend of hers introduced fashion to her. And from that day she falls in love with it. Retta is now more confident, bright, and happier than before.

Retta weight loss journey

With the passage of time, Retta also noticed that she needed change in her life in terms of health as well. She had gained a lot of weight which was causing health issues. The famous comedian embarked on the journey of weight loss and ended up losing extra and unhealthy weight.

How did Retta lose weight?

Retta before weight loss 2

Retta’s weight loss journey is not only inspiring but also quite intriguing. She began by paying close attention to her daily food intake and daily routines. Now, let’s delve into her diet and workout plan:

Diet Plan

Retta is a big fan of cheese. She loves eating food that contains cheese. And as anyone can imagine that had a very negative impact on her health. She ended up gaining a lot of weight. And that was what needed the fix. Retta limited the consumption of cheese.

She gave up eating fast food. She also limited sugar consumption. Instead of high-calorie unhealthy food, Retta started eating vegetables and fruits for lunch and dinner. By reading her strict diet plan, however, you should not think that Retta has changed. She still loves cheese.

In one of her interviews, Retta said “I’m lactose intolerant but if you told me I couldn’t have cheese ever again, I would slap you in your face”. She does consume cheese but in much less amount than before.

Workout Plan

Retta also joined a gym where she would burn calories on a daily basis. She would do pushups, sit-ups, squats, and boxing daily. Retta would start her day by running for an hour.

How much Weight did Retta lose?

Retta before weight los

She put so much effort into her exercises that within two months she lost 50 pounds. And came in 28 to 18 sizes. Even Retta herself was surprised by this drastic change.

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What did Retta say about her weight loss journey?

Retta before and after weight loss

She was very happy with the results and she congratulated herself in the following manner, “I never thought that I will come this far. I don’t have the slightest idea of old me. She is somewhere in my mind but I can’t recall her. I learned from weight loss that while it’s a good thing to do but if you are not satisfied with your real self then no matter what you do you will never be happy”.

Where is Retta now?

As of now, Retta is in size 22. She has gained some weight but she is okay with it. She seems to enjoy every moment of her life and that’s what’s most important.


There’s a great deal to be learned from Retta, we dive into negative thoughts so much that we never see the bright side of our life.

The world is bright, it’s beautiful. Just like Retta came over her fear and enjoyed life in a much greater way. I bet if you make the same decision you’ll have a great deal of pleasure as well.

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