Sophie Turner before and after Weight Loss Juorney Sophie Turner before and after Weight Loss Juorney

Sophie Turner Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

After her debut in Game of Thrones, Turner won millions of hearts with her marvelous acting.

Since then, Sophie has worked on many projects. The English actress is well known for her amazing acting and her brilliant physique. However, things changed recently.

After Sophie married the American singer, Joe Jonas, she gave birth to their daughter, Willa Jonas. Things were difficult during pregnancy.

Sophie was struggling with not just pregnancy but also putting up much weight during the period.

So, when she finally gave birth to Willa, she decided to lose weight. The good news is that Turner has lost a considerable amount of weight.

The famous actress shocked her fans when she shared her new photo with bare legs, wearing cowboy shoes.

Fans got mad and started asking a lot of questions. “Weren’t you pregnant?” asked one. “How did you do that? You are my idol” said another. Let’s dive into how did Sophie lose weight.

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Sophie’s Weight Loss Journey

Sophie Turner Weight Loss Juorney

Soon after giving birth to her child, Sophie started looking for a decent way to get rid of all the extra weight that she put up while pregnant.

Turner consulted her personal trainer, James Farmer. He helped her in building a healthy diet plan for her. Sophie would also do workouts along with James.

Sophie’s Diet Plan

Sophie Turner eating

The most important thing for Sophie was to cut all food from the menu that contained a huge number of calories. She gave up processed and refined food.

She changed restaurant food with homemade green vegetable salad. She started including spinach and cauliflower in almost every meal.

Turner had a habit of not eating breakfast. She thought that if she didn’t eat breakfast, she would consume fewer calories in a day and therefore, wouldn’t gain much weight. However, her trainer, James, got her out of this delusion.

If you don’t eat breakfast then you will feel hungry most of the day and therefore would consume more food than you should.

Having breakfast saves from consuming extra calories. In this way, we also don’t eat much while having lunch.

Sophie now always has breakfast. She has also stopped consuming sugar. Eliminating unhealthy food and replacing it with a healthy diet helped Sophie maintain her physique. She is now very comfortable with her body and looks fabulous.

Sophie’s Workout Plan

Sophie Turner running

Not mentioning her workout plan would be unfair. She did a lot of hard work in this respect. Sophie would go to the gym 6 days a week.

Turner would spend an hour in the gym doing nonstop workouts. She took the help of James in her workout routine.

Sophie Turner before and after Weight Loss Journey

Sophie has also Lost Weight in the Past

This wasn’t the first time, Sophie was busy losing pounds. She has done that in the past as well. When Turner was cast for the role of Jean Grey, she undergo a weight loss procedure in order to match the character. Sophie lost about 15 pounds for the movie, X-Men: Dark Pheonix

Where is Sophie now?

After marriage, Sophie now lives in Los Angeles, California along with her husband, Joe Jonas, and her daughter, Willa Jonas. Turner lives a happy and healthy life. She has changed her last name to Jonas legally. 

The American comedian and author, Anna Faris, has lost about 50 pounds just by sticking to a simple diet plan.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Pregnancy brings a lot of responsibilities with it. Many women face a lot of trouble in their first pregnancy if they don’t have someone to guide them.

At the young age of 25, Turner has proved that you can handle all the responsibilities if you keep calm and take care of your health as well as your child’s.

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