Angel Adoree Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Adoree is a British author and socialite. She is the wife of Dick Strawbridge, a British engineer.

Both husband and wife became famous after buying the 19th-century, Chateau de la Motte-Husson. Adoree is the owner of Vintage Pessirie, a hospitality company. She is also the author of the famous book, Vintage Tea Party.

Now, being a socialite, Angel’s fans love to follow every update on what’s happening in her life. Recently, her fans made big news out of her weight loss. Well, it was actually big news, given the circumstances. Adoree admitted, “I have lost around 36 kg (80 pounds)”

Admission wasn’t enough for Adoree’s fans. They wanted more information about how exactly did she lose weight. Well, if you are reading this article, chances are you still haven’t got the information. Don’t worry, here we go.

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Angel’s Adoree’s Weight Loss Journey

“My weight was starting to become a problem,” Angel said. “I realized that I had to take a step. Either I do something about it or I regret it.” The good news is that Adoree didn’t choose to regret it and chose to take action instead.

She started her weight loss journey at the start of the year, 2021. Adoree had made it her new year’s resolution to transform her health completely and she was determined to do it. Well, she did it. Angel lost weight by changing her lifestyle completely.

She made so big decisions that made her uncomfortable at first. But as time passed, Adoree got used to living in a new and healthy way. In fact, Adoree followed a set of rules to transform her physique. Don’t worry about them, I have explained her rules one by one.

1. Setting Realistic Goals

You might have heard about setting goals in everyone’s transformative journey. But by adding the word, realistic, she made it easy for herself. “Setting goals is the easiest thing to do,” Adoree said. “The problem comes when we have to achieve them. So, why not set realistic goals that can be achieved rather than living in a fantasy world?”

In case you are wondering, Angel’s realistic goals were changing her diet, doing more exercise, being disciplined, staying away from unhealthy food and activities, and staying consistent throughout her weight loss journey.

Now, if you read Adoree’s goals, you will find all of them very realistic. You wouldn’t find cutting down half of her food consumption or running for two hours written there. Why? Because these goals are unrealistic.

Not only do people embarking on their weight loss journey couldn’t achieve these goals, but they also wouldn’t be ready to try in the first place because it looks impossible.

2. Eating Organic Food

Angel’s second rule was eating only organic food. The first change that she brought to her diet was cutting down on all sweets. And with them, Angel also gave up eating all kinds of processed food and started focusing on her homemade food.

Whether it was vegetables, fruits, or meat, the first question that Adoree asked before eating any food was “Is this organic?”. And it proved very helpful in her weight loss journey. Along with focusing on healthy food, Adoree also reduced her alcohol intake by a great margin.

And if you are still wondering about Angel’s commitment to her weight loss journey, know that Angel gave up drinking tea to reduce her calorie consumption. And a British doing that is a very big deal. Instead of tea, now she starts her day with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

3. Exercising Daily

Another rule that Adoree followed was exercising on a daily basis. Whereas before, she would only go for a walk in the morning, now Angel joined the gym where she started spending hours regularly. She would hit the gym after two hours of eating breakfast.

At first, Adoree would spend two hours daily in the gym. However, she reduced the time to only one hour later. She would do squats, weight lifting, cycling, running on the treadmill, pilates, plank, and crunches. This set of exercises helped her in burning calories faster.

Whereas Adoree exercised for improving physical health, she also practiced yoga for maintaining her mental health. And this combined with her healthy diet gave big results and Adoree successfully lost a significant amount of weight.

4. Enjoying Cheat Meals

Why do people lose weight? Well, so they can live a healthy and happy life. The point of losing weight is not falling into a robotic routine and missing the joy that life has to offer. Rather, people lose weight so they can stay with their loved ones longer and enjoy their lives with them.

There’s no doubt that people must follow a healthy routine if they want to live healthier but the trick is to keep the human spirit alive. And that’s what Adoree did.

She reserved every Sunday for it. Every Sunday night was the cheat meal night for Adoree. She would choose from her favorite dishes such as pizza, pasta, or cake.

Before & After Weight Loss

Angel Adoree before after weight loss

By sticking to her rules and maintaining discipline, Adoree completely transformed her physique and lost about 36 kgs (80 pounds). Her current weight is around 60 kgs (132 pounds) as compared to her old weight of 96 kgs (212 pounds)

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Final Words

If we closely analyze the weight loss journey of Adoree, we will find out one trait that dominated her whole journey. And that trait was consistency.

No matter what aspect of your life you are trying to improve but if you are consistent in doing that, success is around the corner. So, remember, consistency and discipline are the keys.