Claudia Sulewski before after weight loss Claudia Sulewski before after weight loss

Claudia Sulewski Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Claudia Sulewski surprised her fans and followers with a video. What caught everyone’s attention was her noticeable weight loss.

She appeared slimmer and quite different from before, sparking discussions among her audience.

People were curious about her transformation, and soon, Claudia found her direct messages flooded with inquiries.

Many fans reached out, wanting to know her secret. Some were interested in learning how she achieved her weight loss, while others wondered if she was facing any health challenges. To address these concerns, Claudia decided to set the record straight.

First things first, Claudia is not battling any illness. Her weight loss journey was a personal choice, driven by her own desires.

In her recent video, she took the time to openly discuss her experience of shedding those extra pounds. She shared the ups and downs of her journey, giving her fans insight into her approach to achieving her goals.

So, for those who were worried, there’s no need to be concerned about Claudia’s health. She’s embraced a healthier lifestyle and wanted to share her story with her loyal viewers.

In her video, Claudia goes into detail about her reasons for losing weight and how she went about it, letting everyone in on her transformation process.

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Claudia’s Weight Loss Journey

“It started in high school,” Sulewski recalled. “I used to compare my body with celebrities. I guess it is quite common for us girls to compare ourselves with other girls and worry about it. Looking back at it, it seems very funny.”

She started caring about how did she look in her teen years. However, right now, Claudia truly understands that every type of body is unique and beautiful. “I know this topic is very sensitive and anyone discussing it should be very careful,” she said about weight loss.

She said that whenever she talks about weight loss, she doesn’t mean that she was unhealthy before and is healthier now. “I understood and accepted this quite long ago that no matter what you do your body changes,” Claudia said.

Claudia’s Struggle With Weight Loss

Claudia Sulewski before weight loss

Throughout the years, Sulewski tried many ways to lose weight but nothing seemed to work. She went vegan for 7 months. Not only that but Claudia also started counting how many calories she takes in a day. And to adjust her extra consumed calories, Sulewski would just go on fasting for days.

It was destroying her physical and mental health, whereas she thought it was improving her. “I not only had to deal with that but also the ‘glamorous life of Los Angeles’”, Sulewski said. “I was so insecure about my body that if someone would just post a group photo without my approval, I would get mad.”

How did Claudia Lose Weight?

The most important thing in her weight loss proved to be her understanding of how her body worked. She said that it didn’t happen in a moment but by repeating the same routine for more than a year. She reminded her fans that weight loss doesn’t happen very fast.

Sulewski shared a list of simple rules by following which she succeeded in losing more than 18 pounds. The rules she followed are simple and everyone, who is consistent enough can follow them. Here we go:

1. Take It Slowly

“Whatever you are eating right now, take it slow,” Sulewski said. “Don’t cut out half of your diet in a moment. Rather take short steps. Your body needs to adjust to the change. So, cut your calorie consumption slowly and gradually.” 

The main reason why so many people don’t end up losing weight is that they try to do everything in a moment. This is not how it works. Cutting down half of your diet would only result in the elimination of your energy. And you would end up eating more food than you reduced.

2. Cutting Down Alcohol Consumption

Sulewski cut down alcohol consumption for one month as well and it played out in her favor. “It was necessary to put a limit on how much booze I drank because, in the summer of 2018, I was out there drinking and partying. I needed that break,” she said.

Taking a break from alcohol is necessary as well as healthy. It not only makes us gain weight but drinking alcohol makes us feel hungry. It robs us of our energy and in turn, we end up eating more food than we need, which results in weight gain.

3. Move Your Body

“Weight loss is all about moving your body, staying active, and working,” Claudia said. Talking about the importance of exercising, Sulewski said, “Moving your body is very important. Stretching your muscles, running, exercising, and getting your heart rate up. All of it is important.”

Claudia said that working out is not about torturing or tiring yourself. Rather it is about finding something that you love doing and that burns your calories. To lose weight, she started spending more time in the gym, where she would do cardio workouts for nearly an hour.

Claudia also got involved in sports. She did cycling, running, dancing, and swimming. All of these activities are fun to do but they are also very healthy for your body. Sulewski burnt extra calories while at the same time enjoying it.

4. Cutting Down Dairy Products

To lose weight, Sulewski also limited her dairy product consumption, which helped her so much in losing weight. She also suggested the same to those who want to lose weight. “Cutting down these products helped me in achieving weight loss faster,” she said.

5. Finding Something That Suits You

“Everyone has different tastes and bodies. So, I wouldn’t go on and suggest someone eat this or that diet,” Claudia said. “I would say find what your body wants. If you don’t want to eat broccoli or brussels sprouts, don’t eat them. There are plenty of healthy diets to choose from.”

Some of the healthy meals that Sulewski loves eating are avocado toast, oatmeal, smoothies, hearty salads, and tofu veggie stirfry. “Avocado, I would eat that every single day and would never be mad about it,” Sulewski explained her diet plan. “Broccoli is my most favorite vegetable. It would never let me down.”

6. Enjoy Your Cheat Meals

One thing you deserve after putting so much effort into your weight loss is enjoying your cheat meal. Talking about which, Sulewski said, “I stopped associating sweets/junk food with guilt and allowed it to be exciting. The easiest way for me to enjoy it is with someone.”

She added, “I don’t want to live my life like someone who is so focused on what they are eating that they forget to appreciate life. I try to eat healthily but I don’t worry about it all the time. I’ve been there and it didn’t make my life any better.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Claudia Sulewski before after weight loss

By making some positive changes to her lifestyle and adopting healthier habits, Claudia accomplished a remarkable feat – she managed to shed 18 pounds! Currently, she weighs a healthy 116 pounds, a significant change from her previous weight of around 135 pounds.

This means she’s not only feeling better but also taking good care of her body through her efforts.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that we all are different and our bodies are different. And what works for someone may not work for other people.

And this is something to be happy about. Because it leaves us with a task. It leaves us to explore our life in our own way. It leaves us to find what is better for us and what works for us.

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