Jamie Kern Lima before & after weight loss Jamie Kern Lima before & after weight loss

Jamie Kern Lima Weight loss: Before & After [2024]

The CEO of IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern, faced tough times in her childhood. Her parents divorced when she was just six years old.

Jamie’s struggles with body image began during her high school years when she started dating a guy named Eric. Wanting to feel more attractive and beautiful, she turned to diet pills at a young age.

In her book, Jamie revealed that her friend’s older sister would supply her with these weight-loss pills, which she would discreetly bring to school and hide in her bag. However, after a year, she broke up with her boyfriend Eric.

At a young age, Jamie didn’t have much knowledge about the world; she simply wanted to appear slim and beautiful, so she would take any diet pill she could get her hands on. Despite eventually building a successful business, Jamie still faced criticism regarding her weight.

There are many celebrities who inspired lots people to start a weight loss journey such as Katie McGowan and Delta Burke.

Weight Loss Journey

Jamie Kern Lima journey 2

Jamie Kern Lima was busy growing her business. She was working 100 hours per week and doing most of the things by herself. Jamie couldn’t afford to hire someone else in his early days of business.

For years she was doing a lot of work and growing her business. As She was focusing completely on her business Jamie forgot about her health. She had gained a lot of weight and now it was hard for her to lose.

Gaining weight is very easy but when starting to lose it seems like an impossible task. But Jamie can’t live like that for a long time. So she decided to work on her health and lose weight as much as possible herself.

How did Jamie Kern Lima lose weight?

Jamie Kern Lima weight loss journey

At this time when she started her journey, she was doing well in her business and now she can focus on her health. Jamie started jogging in the morning for 20-30 min daily.

She changed her meals completely. And started to go to the gym 3-4 days a week although she wasn’t regular due to lack of time. She was feeling lazy with all that weight.

Diet Plan

Jamie didn’t mention her diet plan but she said she didn’t waste a lot of time creating a completely new diet plan. She started eating healthy as much as possible and refused all the unhealthy junk foods. That’s it, now her diet is that simple.

She doesn’t take any diet pills any longer. And realised that those diet pills were hurting her body for a long time but she was unaware of that. But now she only relies on natural ways to make her body more beautiful.


Aside from Jogging for 20-30 minutes daily, She also does yoga to make her body more flexible and energetic.

In the beginning days yoga sessions were very hard for her, But she tried easy poses and then jumped over to some hard yoga poses.

Before & After Weight Loss

Jamie Kern Lima before & after weight loss

The weight loss journey was very hard for Jamie Kern Lima as she said in her book “I had been dieting in unhealthy ways since I was fourteen and to this day still struggle with emotional eating.”

But now she started taking control of her emotions and stopped unhealthy eating. She has lost all that extra weight she gained in previous years.

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