Ayesha Curry before after weight loss Ayesha Curry before after weight loss

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

The famous Canadian actress, Ayesha Curry is a multi-talented female. She is not only an actress, but also an author, TV personality, and entrepreneur.

Ayesha already had a pretty busy life but after her marriage when she became a mother, things got busier.

Curry is now the mother of three children. With the birth of her three children, great responsibilities came.

She would be busy with her work all day and while at home would share time with her family as well.

With all this business, Curry would have very little time to focus on herself. As usual, while being under the stress, Ayesha started gaining weight.

Another factor that contributed to her weight was her cooking show and her cooking habits. She would cook delicious dishes and sometimes would end up eating them.

Ayesha Curry before weight loss 2

However, the good thing is that she took notice of that at the right time. And immediately started working on its improvement.

As of now, Curry has lost 35 pounds, far more than she gained. When she shared her new photo on her Instagram, fans filled her comment box.

They started asking a lot of questions regarding her weight loss. We are going to discuss her journey to a better physique in full detail.

Ayesha Curry’s Weight Loss Journey

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Ayesha started her weight loss journey at the start of 2020. She made some huge changes to her daily routine, and that is in her lifestyle.

With huge changes came huge results and within months, Curry got back to a thin figure. 

The most frequent question that Curry was asked was, ‘How did you do it?’ Ayesha lost weight because she made big changes to her diet.

As she was already a cook it wasn’t much hard for her to decide which food she should eat and from which she should restrain herself.

Ayesha not only changed her diet, but she also started visiting the gym where she would burn calories.

Following are the details:

Ayesha’s Diet Plan

Ayesha Curry Weight loss journey

She made changes to her diet timewise. Curry prepared a diet plan according to which she would have different food at different times of the day. 

Breakfast: Ayesha starts her day with a sip of coffee. She is strict in her breakfast routine.

She only has breakfast at weekends. “I love a good smoked salmon scramble. It’s something that I put in my first cookbook, The Season Life. And I still eat it to this day,” Ayesha said in an interview.

Lunch: Curry is fond of healthy eating. She tries to add as many vegetables as possible to her dining table.

Most of the time, Curry goes with green veggie salad. Describing her choice for the salad she said, “I love a good poppyseed dressing on my salad, a few red onions as well”.

Dinner: The mother of three prepares dinner with more care than lunch or breakfast because “that’s the time we’re going to sit together” She tries to prepare as light food as possible.

The family eats dinner at 7 p.m. right before the kids go to sleep.

Curry focuses on her hydration as well. She drinks a lot of water in a day, up to 10 glasses. “Coldwater is not my thing that’s why I drink hot water” Ayesha explained.

Drinking more water is a very healthy trait, especially for those who are looking forward to losing weight.

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Ayesha’s Workout Plan

To lose weight, Curry joined a gym near her home where she would go 5 days a week.

She would spend an hour there while doing intense cardio workouts.

After working out for a whole hour, a bath in hot water would solve everything.

Before & After Weight Loss

Ayesha Curry before after weight loss

After battling obesity for several months, Ayesha has triumphed in shedding 35 pounds. She now weighs 155 pounds, down from her previous weight of 190 pounds.

Final Words

By losing that much weight within months, Ayesha has shown us that there is nothing impossible. That one can do whatever one wants.

A lot of us excuse joining the gym by saying that we haven’t got much time. That our life is too busy. But Curry has proven this perspective wrong.

Being an actress, mother of 3 kids, and host of a cooking show, Ayesha Curry proved what we can do if we stop wasting our time on excuses.

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