Alec Baldwin Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Baldwin has acted in as well as produced multiple masterpieces of Hollywood. He is one of the four actor brothers in the Baldwin family. The breakthrough in Alec’s career came when he appeared on two seasons of CBS’s Knots Landing.

Even though Alec has conquered a lot in his acting career, there was something unaccomplished in his personal life. Baldwin had this feeling that he was overweight, he thought that his weight was increasing with the passing time.

It was true to some extent though. Alec, being busy with his work, never put much attention into maintaining his weight and with time it did increase. Since Baldwin had a very busy life, it was nearly impossible for him to find out the time to lose some pounds.

However, he somehow got time and transformed his appearance completely while losing 100 pounds. Isn’t it interesting and bizarre at the same time? Let’s dive into the details. 

Alec Baldwin’s Weight Loss Journey

Alec Baldwin after weight loss

In the year 2012, Alec was having health issues. He was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. This set an alarm and brought the most important work to Alec’s attention that he was denying weight loss for so long. Baldwin, then set up on the journey to lose weight.  

Pete Davidson Helped Alec in Losing 100 Pounds

Alec Baldwin before after weight loss 4

Pete Davidson, the American comedian, and actor, helped Baldwin in losing weight though unintentionally. While performing a sketch, Pete said something to Alec that motivated him and led him to lose 100 pounds. And the interesting thing is that it wasn’t even true.

I was on set and Alec was hosting and it was a sketch where I had to be shirtless,” Davidson revealed in The Tonight Show. He continued, “He (Alec) came up to me and he was like, ‘what do you do?’ And I didn’t want to be rude and said, ‘Oh man, I do 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups every day”. 

And that really got Baldwin. From that day whenever he met Pete, he would exclaim “100 a Day!”. After this, Baldwin started working on his weight and joined a gym where he would do intense workouts for an hour on a daily basis.

Alec Baldwin before and after

He also improved his diet. Alec cut down all sugar consumption. He gave up eating processed food as well. That brought a sudden change in Baldwin’s appearance. He became slimmer and the risk of diabetes became almost zero.

Before & After Weight Loss

Alec Baldwin before and after 3

As you can see the difference, Baldwin has come from 298 lbs to 198 lbs by losing 100 lbs along the way.

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Final Words

Alec Baldwin’s case shows how strong human will and imagination really are. Just by hearing Pete saying that he does 100 pushups a day, Alec set on the journey to lose weight and in the end succeeded. So, never underestimate the power of your imagination and will. You can achieve everything, just stay strong in your belief.

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