Sara Rue Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The Popular star, Sara Rue, wanted to lose weight for a long time but her work and her career weren’t giving her enough time for this. However, her recent photo has left everyone in shock. Rue has successfully lost a considerable number of pounds.

I had this image of myself of where I wanted to be in the next five years,” Rue explained her past experience with the interviewer. She continued, “but the reality of my situation just didn’t match up”. 

Sara’s transformation is very remarkable indeed. No wonder it has made people shock. When she appeared on the red carpet with her new appearance, everyone’s eyes were following Sara. Some fans, who weren’t following Rue after the Popular TV show, couldn’t even recognize her.

So, how did she successfully accomplish it? How did Sara, after struggling with obesity throughout her life, manage to get rid of the extra pounds that were weighing her down? In this article, we are going to answer these questions in detail.

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Sara Rue’s Weight Loss Journey

Sara Rue Weight Loss before

To say that after losing weight, Sara has found her true potential wouldn’t be wrong. She shared her first-ever bikini picture. “It’s a little strange,” Rue described her experience, “But after I tried it on, I thought, ‘I look good‘ “.

Rue started her weight loss journey back in the year 2011. She had struggled with obesity for so long and was tired of all limits it brought upon her. To fight the extra pounds, Rue prepared a plan. She stuck to it throughout the journey and it helped her.

How did Sara Lose Weight?

Sara Rue Weight Loss journey

Rue followed the Jenny Craig maintenance plan. Jenny Craig is an American company. It’s a weight loss company that helps people in staying healthy and lighter. It provides information, procedures, and support to people who want to lose weight. 

Besides that, Sara also joined a gym where she would do intense workouts until she would be soaked in sweat. Here are the details:

Sara’s Diet Plan

Sara cut down her carb consumption to half. She also avoided all kinds of processed food. Rue included more vegetables in her diet plan. “I try to eat animal protein after 7:30 p.m,” Rue explained her diet plan. She further said, “And when I make pasta, I layer the bottom of the bowl with fresh spinach. In this way, you are having pasta but with fewer carbs”.

Sara was so committed to her diet plan that she didn’t make even her marriage an exception. When Sara and her fiance, Kevin, were brought their wedding cakes, which were three, Sara ate a very small amount. “Very small silvers of every kind is the way to go”.

Rue remained devoted to her diet plan after her marriage as well. Because she had this addiction to overeating and didn’t even know about it, abstaining from some food proved to be very hard at first. However, as Sara continued to practice this, it became a routine and then a healthy habit.

Sara’s Workout Plan

Rue joined a gym. She would visit the gym every day except for weekends. Sara would spend an hour doing weight lifting, cycling, boxing, and pushups. Rue is well committed to the cause, however, the statement she gave to the interviewer shows how hard her workout routine was. 

It’s hard. It’s a struggle.” Rue explained her hardship to the interviewer, “There are days where I’ll say, ‘I feel off the rails.’ But I don’t give myself excuses”. This statement proves that Sara is committed to her goal.

Before & After Weight Loss

Sara Rue Weight Loss before and after

After doing a lot of hard work and losing 50 pounds, Sara Rue’s current weight is 135 pounds. However, her old weight was 185 pounds

The Reason, Sara Lost Weight

Although most actresses undergo a weight loss journey because they want to look good or because of their new movie, Sara’s case is totally different.

She said that she lost weight because of her “mental health”. It is apparent that Rue was struggling a lot with obesity and was trying to lose some pounds.

While doing that she had a lot of stress and when at last she succeeded in losing 50 pounds, Sara felt that a huge burden has fallen off of her shoulders. Obesity affects the human body in a lot of ways. One of the harmful things obesity does is make you feel bad about yourself.

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Final Words

Like most of us, Sara also had doubts. She wasn’t feeling good about herself. But the remarkable thing that Rue did as she tried. And that’s the key to success in every matter. No matter wherever you are stuck don’t give up. Keep pushing and you will find the solution. 

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