Brad Rutter Weight Loss 2022: Winner has Shed Pounds

Rutter is the second most fortunate contestant on American game shows. He currently has 5.1 million in winnings. After becoming the second-highest winner in the game show, Brad rose to fame. He’s now not only a game show contestant but an actor, TV host, and producer as well.

The fans who have been following Rutter must have known that when he first appeared in the show, he was overweight. 

However, as his wealth continued to grow, his weight continued to reduce. As of now, Brad is completely fit and a very healthy person.

When he was asked about his weight, Brad said that he was overweight before appearing in the show but he gained a considerable amount of weight while leading up to jeopardy.

As he was new in the game and was trying to hold on, he became stressed and ended up being obese.

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How did Brad Lose Weight?

Brad Rutter After Weight Loss

When Brad realized that his involvement in jeopardy was having negative effects on his health, he immediately took important measures in order to lose weight. Rutter started analyzing what he was eating. He also started exercising.

Brad restrained himself from eating junk food. While playing the game, he would also calm himself down and would remind himself that it was only a game and there was no point in taking stress. With all these habits combined, Rutter succeeded in losing weight and reached a healthy point.

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What did Brad say about his Weight?

Brad Rutter Before After Weight Loss

When after losing weight, Brad appeared in the gaming show, he was asked how does he feel about weight loss, Rutter answered, “It doesn’t matter how well you do in the tournament because whether you flame out in the first round or take home the grand prize, it will be less important than the fact that you are skinnier now”.

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Where is Brad now?

As of now, Brad is living in Los Angeles and is pursuing an acting career. He is a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is living a healthy and well-maintained life.


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  1. Bratt Rutter; I love the jeopardy winner. I love Brad on the Chase game show I will miss him. Such a smart person.. I send him many blessing; to succeed…..


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