Doja Cat before after weight loss Doja Cat before after weight loss

Doja Cat Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Doja is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Her birth name is Amala Ratna Dlamini, however, in the world of music, she is known as Doja Cat. She made her debut in the music industry with her single, So High

Her song, So High, hit so high that it caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA Records. And since then, Cat has been rocking the world of music.

Doja’s been surprising her fans with her amazing one after other singles, however, recently, she shocked them with a noticeable change in her appearance.

As it appears, she has lost weight and a significant amount of it. Within a couple of months, Doja has managed to lose 20 pounds.

This has even further reduced her slim figure of 140 pounds. When she shared her new photos on Instagram for the first time, fans were in shock.

Doja Cat weight loss

Many thought that Doja was fighting some kind of illness or was in depression. Luckily, this isn’t the case at all. Cat has lost weight because she wanted to. “I’ve been trying to lose weight for a very long time and finally I’ve succeeded,” she said in her Insta video.

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Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight wasn’t easy for her, especially for the fact that she wasn’t familiar with “all that gym stuff”. So, she turned to her friends who were very good at it to get some help.

Cat lost weight because she wanted to be healthier but the biggest factor behind this decision was her body dysmorphia.

“It all started in my teen years,” Doja said, “I started growing weight and the more I worried about it the more it increased. It increased to the point where it started to become a problem for me. It started slowing me down in a lot of things that I did very easily before.”

She added, “With the passing time, I even built body dysmorphia and that’s where the trouble began.” The good thing, however, is that Cat is improving and she has improved a lot. Cat began her weight loss journey at the start of 2021. 

How did Doja Lose Weight?

Doja Cat weight loss journey

After deciding that she was ready to lose weight, the next question was how. Well, it didn’t take her too long.

As already mentioned, Doja took the help of her friends in finding the right way to fight her growing weight. She lost weight by controlling what she ate and how much she ate.

Cat also took full care of her exercise routine, which proved to be a deciding factor in her weight loss journey. “It was quite a thing. Eating healthily and then exercising,” she said. Let’s find out what did the American rapper eat to shed pounds.

Doja’s Diet Plan

Soon after embarking on her weight loss journey, Cat gave up all kinds of processed and unhealthy food.

Before fast food was one of her favorite foods but after deciding to live a healthy life, she said no to it. Along with that, she also controlled her alcohol consumption.

Doja started eating more vegetables and fruits. She also stopped eating foods that had a high amount of processed sugar.

She gets her protein intake from lean meat such as chicken, turkey, and fish. Cat has managed to keep following her healthy diet plan.

She starts her day with a sip of fresh fruit juice along with 2 eggs for breakfast. For lunch, Doja’s favorite combination is salmon fish with a bowl of green veggies salad. And for dinner, Cat likes to have something light such as sushi or pasta.

Doja’s Workout Plan

“I am not a big fan of working out but I knew that it was the only thing that was going to make a difference,” Cat told the interviewer. She gave her workout routine equal importance. She has joined the gym along with her friends.

Talking about her workout routine, Cat said, “I don’t know much about the gym language but I am lifting weights and doing other exercises.” She does squats, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, crunches, and cycling.

She also runs on the treadmill which she bought to lose weight. All this workout routine has proved to be very helpful in burning calories and eventually losing weight. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Doja Cat before after weight loss

Through sheer determination and tireless effort, Doja Cat achieved a remarkable transformation by shedding an impressive 20 pounds. Her journey from her previous weight of 140 pounds to her current weight of 120 pounds is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her health and well-being.

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Final Words

Doja was never a gym girl but she did lose weight because she decided to change herself. And that’s the biggest secret behind any achievement.

You’ve got to change the habits that aren’t yielding desirable results. I hope that Doja’s weight loss journey helps you in fighting your demons.

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