Jusuf Nurkic Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Workout Plan, Journey

Bosnien basketball player Jusuf Nurkic has gone through a weight loss journey recently. He is also known as the Bosnian Beast. Jusuf was away from NBA.

Jusuf was going through some physical problems. He was working out the whole time to be in a good shape. Jusuf lost 35 pounds in total. And it caused him to change his wardrobe and bought new fit clothes.

Weight Loss Journey

Jusuf Nurkic Weight Loss

Jusuf wanted to be in the best shape as much as possible. He started a weight loss journey to improve his performance because the game is becoming tougher with time. There are really tough players coming into the game. So, Jusuf wanted to perform as best as possible.  

There are many actors and actresses who also lost a significant amount of weight such as LaRoyce Hawkins, Steve Gonsalves, Bobby Brown and Kathy Najimy.

Diet Plan

Jusuf usually eats light on his game days. In the morning he normally has scrambled eggs with shrimp, mushrooms and tomatoes together. His pregame meal includes foods rice, chicken, and shrimp.

Jusuf doesn’t want to eat too much in a pregame meal. His postgame meal usually includes salad, rice and chicken or maybe sometimes fish.

Jusuf doesn’t eat too much when he has to play the game. Because if he eats too much it will slow down his performance. So he measures everything he eats when it’s important.

He also drinks coffee a lot. Jusuf said “Every day! If we have a shootaround in the morning, I cut the sugar, but I will have coffee. I have to drink coffee right before games—I have a routine”

Workout Plan

Jusuf Nurkic Workout

Jusuf was working out daily for two months. He lost most of the weight by doing ramped up cardio. Jusuf also cut all the sugar items for his diet for 60 days.

After losing 35 pounds he said, “I’m in the best shape of my life and the best mentally I can be,”. Now he feels more energetic than before and it made him a lot faster and quicker.

How much weight did Jusuf lose?

Jusuf Nurkic WEight Loss Journey

Jusuf Nurkic lost around 35 pounds in two months. After losing that much weight He is currently around 270 pounds. Jusuf is in good health condition and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

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