Janelle Brown Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Before & After Journey

As in Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s all wives have their own problems and matters to solve. So had Janelle Brown lost her weight?

Janelle was born on 6th May 1969. She was born to Robert Schriever and Sheryl Usher. Janelle is the second wife of Kody Brown.

She rose to fame because of the reality show, Sister Wives. Which is made on Kody and his wives. The show features the typical problems of the Brown family.

During the show, fans noticed a remarkable change in Janelle Brown’s body. What those changes are is the main topic of this article.

Weight Loss Journey

Janelle Brown Weight Loss Journey

Throughout the show, it was noticed again and again that Brown had a problem with her weight as it was causing a lot of hindrance in her life.

In one of her interviews, she also confirmed that her weight has always been a “limit” for her. She eliminated that limit though. And brought a notable change in her body.

Being a wife of a person who has also other wives is a very unlikely and strange thing in our society. One of the theories about Janelle’s weight says that she gained weight because of her stress as it was always like a competition on the show. Whether it is accurate or not, we don’t know but it does make sense.

Brown, however, accepted bravely that she is over-weighted and she wants to change it. Janelle’s weight was causing a lot of problems it was becoming a hindrance even in the house chores.

This feeling of helplessness made Janelle even more stressed. However, the ending was happy as she transformed her body for the good.

How Janelle lost weight?

Brown knew that losing weight on her own may be a possible thing but it was a lot harder. Especially when you don’t have any idea how to do it.

So, in this matter, she sought the help of a professional trainer who helped her with her workouts and diet. In one of her videos, she could be seen doing abdominal crunches while her trainer is instructing her.

Janelle lost weight by simply eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy food. She also does some workouts that helped her in burning fat.

At some point, she weighed about 270 pounds which is a very high number. This rang the bell in her ears. A bell of danger. It was this bell that made her do exercise.

We should also keep track of our body weekly if not daily. This helps us in finding out if we are going into the wrong decision.

And if something like this shows then the next step must be to make some concrete decision. That decision can be following a healthy diet or doing a workout. The main motivation is making health your priority.

The famous actress, Retta also has lost weight in an amazing way. You’ll find her story quite amusing as well.

Diet & Workout Plans of Janelle

The workout plans Brown followed in pursuing a better shape are the following:

Diet Plan

The first and foremost important thing, Brown’s trainer told her was to “bring vegetables into the life”. Janelle avoided meat products she also lowered the consumption of dairy products.

One of the reasons for her weight gain was her love for fast food. After all who does not like Pizza or hamburgers? Brown, according to her trainer, brought veggies into her life and she seemed pretty comfortable with it.

Janelle shares with the passage of time some of the photos of her diet on Instagram. Brown not only ate vegetables she also drank them.

She made the habit of drinking carrot juice daily in the morning. Janelle would also eat fresh fruits and drink their juices.

Her day would start with cycling and then a healthy breakfast which most contained vegetables. Janelle also followed the famous mantra of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

If you are also struggling with weight and are looking for a healthy diet then Brown’s diet is perfect for you. You can use this plan for your benefit.

Workout Plan

Where most people would join a gym, Janelle preferred doing workouts at home instead. You can find the videos of her doing workouts at home on Instagram.

She does work out with her trainer as it feels good having some professionals at her side.

Brown also sought the help of the ancient practice, Yoga. In one of the posts on Instagram, Janelle said that “I love walking”.

The loving walk is a very healthy sign and it can help you a lot in your weight loss journey. She also loves gardening, another activity that involves you physically.

What has Janelle said about her weight loss journey?

Brown’s fans want to what Janelle is doing right now as she has continued doing workouts. When an interviewer represented her fans and asked the question about her thoughts on the journey. Janelle responded, “I am very thankful to my fans who stuck around and helped me in this”.

When she was asked whether she is satisfied with the results, Brown answered “All I can say is, it is not all about a number on a scale. What if I told you I have lost several inches but only down sibs or 10 lbs? However, when you look at these pictures you can see a noticeable difference in how I have changed”.

Before & After Weight Loss

Janelle Brown Before after weight loss

The difference can be seen in Janelle’s face. She has lost some pounds though it is not known how many. As she continues her journey we hope that she becomes truly healthy and fit and fine.

There are many celebrities who lost weight to start a healthy life such as Kathy Najimy and Anna Faris


Janelle Brown’s story tells us that you must continue your struggle for your good even when there is nothing changing apparently. Because good and healthy habits bring changes.

It is a fact, losing weight is as hard a thing as gaining weight is easy. But it is not impossible once you have decided to change yourself for the good of your future. If you continue to do hard work one day you will get your desired results. And this is also a fact.

In today’s world staying healthy physically is also a big achievement. As the luxury and tasty food is enough to keep us off the track.