Amy Schumer before after weight loss Amy Schumer before after weight loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Schumer is an American actress and comedian. Amy started her comedy career in 2000.

However, she rose to prominence after appearing as a contestant on NBC’s reality competition show, Last Comic Standing, in 2007. 

With her brilliant performance, Amy has won a Peabody Award and has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards five times.

Amy has been quite successful in her acting and comedy career, however, things haven’t been quite well for her health.

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Throughout the years, Schumer has battled with endometriosis, which made even her giving birth an impossible task.

But after years of her struggle, Amy has finally said that she is “feeling good”. This statement made her fans’ day. 

Sharing her new photo on her Instagram, Amy wrote, “I feel good. Finally. It’s been a journey thanks for helping me get my strength back @seckinmd (endo) @jordanternermd (lipo).” In her new photo, Amy looked different than before.

Her fans were quick to notice the difference. Amy has also disclosed that she underwent a liposuction procedure.

After the liposuction, Amy changed a lot. She has not only improved her mental health but has also worked on her physique and has lost 10 pounds.

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Amy Schumer’s Weight Loss Journey

Amy Schumer before weight loss

Amy’s weight loss journey started after she gave birth to her son, David Attell. After years of pain and frustration, Schumer decided to get done with endometriosis.

She had her uterus removed to make her condition better and lessen the pain.

After undergoing the procedure, Schumer embarked on the journey to improve her health and life.

She underwent yet another surgery, liposuction, in order to control her weight. Amy succeeded in getting rid of her post-pregnancy weight.

Amy Schumer weight loss

After the surgery, she altered her lifestyle completely. She did a lot of work to improve her diet.

Not only that, but Schumer also joined a gym to stay in shape after she had lost weight.

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Amy’s Diet Plan

Post-pregnancy and post-surgery, Amy changed her diet completely. Whereas before she didn’t care how many calories she was eating per day, Schumer now takes a full record of what she ate in a whole day.

She has eliminated processed and fast food from her life. Along with that, Amy has also gotten rid of processed sugar.

She now eats only vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Whereas before she started her day with a cup of coffee, now she starts it with a sip of smoothie.

This change brought a positive change in her life and she ended up getting better. Amy can now move faster than before.

She is feeling much more comfortable with her new physique. “I feel like a burden has been lifted from my back”, Schumer explained the experience.

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Amy’s Workout Plan

While she changed the way she ate and controlled her calorie intake, Amy also made some big changes to her daily routine.

She joined a gym where she did cardio. Amy lifted weights and did cycling, squats, lunges, sit-ups, and running.

If you live in this disciplined way, there is nothing that can prevent you from living a long and healthy life.

With a healthy diet and workout plans combined, Amy has balanced her life and is now all healthy and good.

Before and After Weight Loss

Amy Schumer before after weight loss

After Amy underwent surgery and made significant changes to her diet, she achieved a remarkable weight loss of 10 pounds!

Before her transformation, Amy’s weight was 145 pounds, but now it’s approximately 135 pounds. She’s made impressive progress, but she’s not stopping there.

Amy is dedicated to continuing her hard work and is looking forward to shedding even more pounds on her weight loss journey. She’s determined to reach her health and fitness goals with determination and commitment.

Amy’s Comments on Her Transformation and Advice to Fans

When the interviewer asked Amy how was she feeling about her weight transformation, Schumer answered, “Turning 40 all my surgeries I want to feel the best I can about myself. Got lipo and I had a great experience doing that.”

She further said, “I used to be really judgemental about people getting work done. Now I’m like, do everything you can to love yourself exactly as you are but once you turn 40 and have a c-section do whatever the f*ck will make you feel best.”

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Final Words

By working hard and making the right decision at the right time, Amy has changed her health completely for the good.

By doing so, she not only transformed her health but also set a great example for others who want to do the same.

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