Madison Lecroy before after weight loss Madison Lecroy before after weight loss

Madison Lecroy Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Madison is an American actress and TV personality. She rose to fame after appearing in the reality TV show, Southern Charm.

In the show, she was dating Astin Kroll. Lecroy is a role model for many young women. She is also a professional freelance makeup artist and hairstylist.

Madison is also an expert in glamor for TV, weddings, and print. There is another reason, Lecroy is well-known for and is loved for it. It is her fitness.

She keeps herself fit and fine. Lecroy doesn’t risk anything related to her health.

I know that you are here to learn about Madison’s way of living, and how she keeps her slim figure. Well, it needs a lot of effort.

By being consistent and determined in her life, Lecroy keeps herself fit and healthy. Here are the details:

The English TV personality and the owner of Château de la Motte-Husson, Angel Strawbridge, has recently lost 15 kgs (33 pounds).

How does Madison Stay Fit?

Lecroy had quite a slim figure and on top of that, she has recently lost even more pounds, which has raised the fans’ curiosity.

To stay fit, Lecroy follows a healthy diet plan. Not only that, she does a lot of workouts in the gym. 

All in all, Madison is a very disciplined person and has set her routine in the healthiest way possible.

When asked what is the secret behind her fitness, Madison answered, “I just try to eat healthily. I’m just kind of helping cook and taking a bit. I try to stay pretty healthy.”

Although Lecroy has always had a healthy diet plan, recently, during the lockdown, she made some huge changes to her diet plan.

Another factor behind Lecroy making changes to her diet was that she wasn’t feeling good lately.

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Madison Lecroy weight loss

Talking about this, Madison said, “It’s definitely been a struggle. I go back and forth. I’m good for a week and bad for a week.”

She was seeing fluctuations in her weight and she decided to go straight this time. Here are Lecroy’s diet and workout plans:

Madison’s Diet Plan

Madison starts her day with a sip of fresh fruit juice, about which she says, “I always try to do some kind of juice in the morning. I do celery juice for skin purposes. I don’t have the best skin so I try doing that.”

She further said, “I try to be mindful of what I eat.” She improved her diet plan quite well during the lockdown.

She has made huge changes. Lecroy has eliminated alcohol from her diet completely. She also got rid of almost every kind of processed food.

Lecroy eats a plant-based diet. She has also limited the amount of daily sugar consumption. While explaining her struggles with the change in her diet plan, Madison said,

“I just said, ‘This has got to stop, so I’m gonna make these foods and I’m gonna eat this kale salad and eat grilled chicken and broccoli four days a week, or whatever it was, and no alcohol for 14 days.’ That kind of thing was very tough.”

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Madison’s Workout Plan

Whereas Lecroy controlled her diet plan and ate healthily, she also put equal stress on her workout plan.

Along with the help of her personal trainer, Gunnar, Lecroy developed a workout routine. She spends two hours in the gym on a daily basis.

Gunnar, along with his girlfriend, helps Lecroy get in shape. “I work out with a guy named Gunnar, who has been a friend of mine for so long. He and his girlfriend are great. They help me with meal plans and stuff like that just to keep me on track because they know that I’ve worked hard”, Lecroy talked about her journey.

While in the gym she lifts weights, runs on the treadmill, and does cardio workouts. She also goes cycling some days with her son.

This healthy workout routine combined with a healthy diet plan helped Lecroy in getting lighter and living a healthier life.

Before & After Weight Loss

Madison Lecroy before after weight loss

After switching to a plant-based diet and hitting the gym regularly for a whole month, Lecroy managed to shed quite a bit of weight. Her weight dropped from 132 pounds to 120 pounds, which means she lost more than 10 pounds on this journey.

Final Words

By putting in a lot of effort, Lecroy transformed her health completely. By doing so, she has set a good example.

Not only for her fans but for everyone, who is looking forward to living a healthy and happy life.

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