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Charity Bailey Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After

If you’ve been a long-time follower of Charity Bailey, you might have noticed some remarkable changes in her physical appearance. What you might not know is that she embarked on a transformative journey in 2020, shedding a substantial 135 pounds.

Her motivation for this incredible change wasn’t just about looks – Charity was determined to lead a healthier life and bolster her immune system.

She took decisive steps to achieve her goal, and in this article, we’ll uncover the inspiring story of how she accomplished this remarkable weight loss.

Weight Loss Journey

Charity Bailey Before weight loss

Bailey did lose a huge amount of weight in 2020 but her journey started back in 2018. After her father passed away she was very depressed.

In 2020, She started a show ‘Girl, We Need to Talk’ with her trampiest to help people. Bailey invites guests and talks about their ups and downs in life.  

How did Charity Bailey Lose weight?

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She was doing workouts every single day. “It wasn’t easy,” she said. It was her promise to her body to keep it healthy and strong.

Bailey was going to the gym and working out consistently. Charity did undergo gastric sleeve surgery and she said “It is one of the best decisions I made“. She had to do a lot of aftercare stuff.

There are many other celebrities who also went through massive weight loss such as Jazmine SullivanKathy Najimy, Anna Faris, and Kathryn Dennis.

Diet Plan

Charity isn’t very strict on her diet. But do focus on what’s going into her body. She followed the rule of 10 20 30.

Before eating you drink water and don’t eat anything for 10 minutes and you eat for 20 minutes and drink after 30 minutes. Charity added port

Workout Plan

As she was losing weight during the pandemic she did all the workouts at home. Although she was going for boxing seasons 2 days a week. 

Charity Bailey Weight Loss Surgery

Before gastric sleeve surgery, her weight was 372 pounds, and after the surgery, her weight went down to 362 pounds.

In gastric sleeve surgery, they cut down the big part of the stomach and it makes us eat less food than we were eating before. And Charity is very happy about it. After the surgery real magic happened. She started losing more weight. 

Before and After weight loss

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Charity Bailey’s weight loss journey is truly remarkable. She managed to shed a whopping 135 pounds, bringing her current weight down to 235 pounds. But before she embarked on this incredible transformation, Charity weighed in at a staggering 372 pounds.

She wanted to help other people achieve what they wanted in their life. If you are also struggling with weight loss make sure to follow Charity Bailey’s show “Girl, We Need to Talk“. But more important than that you should start taking control of your life. And make healthy choices for yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s important for your mental health. 

Weight Loss Photos

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