Lavell Crawford Before After weight loss Lavell Crawford Before After weight loss

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Lavell Crawford, a well-known American comedian, boasts the full name Lavell Maurice Crawford.

Despite achieving great success and fame, Crawford faced a significant challenge that had haunted him since childhood – his struggle with obesity.

In his early years, Crawford even had a near-death experience when he nearly drowned due to his weight.

However, all of these problems began to fade away when he decided to embark on a weight loss journey, which is the main focus of this article.

Weight Loss Journey

Lavell Crawford Weight Lose

As mentioned earlier, Crawford has struggled with his weight his whole life. He nearly died because of his weight.

Crawford had followed numerous diet plans in his life. But none of these plans was that promising or life-changing compared to his recent attempt. 

The motivation behind Crawford’s attempt to lose weight was his family. Being overweight is a risk and it can cause many diseases and illnesses.

In an interview, when he was asked about his weight loss journey, Crawford said “I’m 47 and I’ve got a beautiful family. I have a cute son and a beautiful wife that I want to be around for them. I don’t want to leave them hanging.”

Crawford must have been struggling with some severe problems regarding his weight. That was the main reason he was afraid and started this journey.

It seems that Crawford embarked on this journey at the start of 2017. In another interview, he said, “When you listen to your wife and your blood pressure you’ve got to change some things. I’m walking and doing some medical things.

Crawford has also mentioned his appointment with his doctor on this issue. He informed his fans that his doctor was really concerned about his health.

He summed up his reason to do something about his weight as follows “There are many factors that moved me to make that decision but the main one is the request and advice from my doctor. I mean I have lived with this weight my whole life but the thought of leaving my family really made me uneasy and is the reason behind my new appearance.

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How did Crawford lose weight?

Lavell crawford weight loss journey

Crawford faced an arduous journey to conquer his weight issues. He opted for weight loss surgery and committed to a strict diet regimen. Additionally, he made regular visits to the gym as part of his efforts to shed pounds.

Reflecting on his experience and addressing concerns from well-wishers, Crawford shared, “People would ask me, ‘What if something goes wrong? What if it doesn’t work out?’ I even wondered myself, ‘What if they’re right, and what if I don’t make it through the surgery?’ Well, if I didn’t make it, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else.”

He continued, “Yes, undergoing surgery is a significant risk. But for me, it was a risk worth taking. I realized that I was on a path where my growing weight might have led to the same outcome, death. So, taking the risk seemed worth it.

Crawford’s transformation was the result of his hard work and unwavering self-belief. If you’re grappling with weight issues like Crawford once did, his story serves as a reminder that you can take action to change your life.

It’s essential to disregard naysayers and seek guidance from your doctor and loved ones who genuinely care about your well-being. However, it’s crucial to heed your doctor’s advice regarding the most suitable approach for tackling your weight issues.

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Diet Plan

Now, let’s delve into Crawford’s diet plan and discover how he managed to prevent his weight from spiraling out of control once more. Like many of us, Crawford had a fondness for fast food.

After all, who could resist the allure of McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken? However, Crawford successfully overcame his addiction to fast food, and in fact, cutting out junk food played a pivotal role in his success.

He candidly discussed his struggles, saying, “People will often opt for a hamburger instead of a salad, even though they know they want to go on a diet. It’s funny how we only see diet commercials late at night, right after we’ve devoured a large pizza or a hefty meal.”

Crawford also emphasized the importance of commitment and offered advice to his fans, saying, “Passion is about pushing through all of those temptations and saying, ‘I want this, and I want to be a healthy person.'”

Let’s now turn to Crawford’s diet plan. His diet plan goes go as

  • For breakfast, Crawford takes green tea along with some healthy snacks.
  • At lunch, he eats sometimes salad and sometimes chicken fried in olive oil.
  • For dinner, Crawford’s daily routine is salad and Gorge Juice.

He also mentioned drinking water as “I drink a lot of water a lot of water. In whole day I drink water within breaks of half an hour”. Of course, drinking water also helps you keep your body hydrated and fit. 

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Workout Plan

Crawford has also joined a gym where he does his daily workout. He does a lot of jogging and weight lifting. It must be hard but it is not impossible.

When asked about his gym Lavell Crawford answered “Gym is really a hard place for someone like me but now I have told myself that there is no going back”.

And that is the commitment a person needs to lose weight. You can do cycling, running, weight lifting, and boxing in order to lose some pounds. Pushups and pull-ups are also of good help. These all exercises are very helpful and healthy.

How much weight did Crawford lose?

Crawford has lost a tremendous amount of weight. He got successful in getting rid of unnecessary “20 Pounds!” Great isn’t it? He shocked fans with his new appearance.

When he appeared on the comedy show Steve Harvey, Harvey joked about his new look by connecting his arms around Crawford.

And it is really funny and inspirational at the same time if we imagine how he had looked before. It was his hard work and restraining himself from unhealthy food that got him where he is today.

Where is Crawford now in his weight loss journey?

Though Crawford has achieved what he was meant to. He still follows that strict diet and workout plan which he adopted right after his surgery. 

At one point Crawford explained his lifelong fight with his weight and his achievement “It’s taken all my life to get here. I’m still going through it and I am not done yet. I am not planning to leave my healthy routine.”

And of course, that is a healthy decision as well. Crawford is still a funny guy and a lot more than before.

Before and After Weight Loss

Lavell Crawford Before After weight loss

After his great achievement, Crawford shared the difference he made on his Instagram. In the above image, the difference can be seen.

Before starting his journey, Crawford weighed 307 pounds however, after a lot of hard work he reduced his weight to 187 pounds.

Crawford lost 120 pounds along the way and made an example for others as well. His happiness can be seen as he shares his progress.

Early Life

Crawford was born on 11th November 1968. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Crawford attended Pattonville High School for graduation his school was located in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Crawford married Deshawn Crawford and have a kid together. He was interested in stand-up comedy since his childhood and did perform whenever found a chance to do so.

Crawford pursued his career in comedy where he succeeded and earned his name and fame. In the 90s he performed multiple times on BET’s comic view and introduced himself to the world of comedy.

Crawford also participated as a contestant in NBC’s Last Comic Standing in the year 2007. He performed very well in the show and reached the finale.

However, wherein a two-hour of comedy contest Crawford lost to Jon Reep. Crawford had done a lot of work but the turning point in his career came with his casting in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

He played the role of Saul Goodman’s bodyguard “Huell Babineaux”. He has also worked in the same role in “Better Call Saul”. Crawford has also worked in Netflix’s original movie “The Ridiculous 6”.


Crawford described his after experience in the following funny way “People ask me ‘do you feel better, are you happy, do you think you are going to go back, will you still be funny?’ I don’t know how to answer such questions. I mean if you are fat, you are fat, if you’re skinny you are skinny. What it has to do with your being funny? All I am saying is that yes I am your funny guy and I am still Lavell Crawford. Don’t worry about it I will still try to make you laugh”.

Of course, it can be realized that his fans were worried about his being funny. About what he was famous for. Now that he has made it clear, nobody needs to worry about it.

Crawford said “My family was worried about my surgery so was I. But I knew that it was the right thing to do. I knew I had to take a chance and so I took it. And it turned out very well and I am very thankful for it.

Crawford’s inspiring journey should be a way for everyone who is looking to do something about their weight.

You got to do it because guess what? There is never a right time you just got to do it. I hope that Crawford’s journey will help you along the way. Thank you