Ed Gamble Weight Loss 2023 – Diet, Before & After Journey

You may be familiar with English comedian Ed Gamble. Ed has lost a lot of weight. He had gone through a weight loss journey.

Ed lost 7 stones and it was a success for him. Ed was transparent and he mentioned his weight loss in one of his standup comedy videos.

Weight Loss Journey

Ed Gamble Before Weight Loss

Ed was very happy with her life happy but he was feeling lazy all the time. And he decided to change his health. There were other health issues and he was also battling with type 1 diabetes.

Ed started his weight loss journey with a lot of motivation. He was consistent in his journey and was doing workouts regularly.

Other Comedians Bill Burr, Lavell Crawford, and Gabriel Iglesias have also lost a noticeable amount of weight.

How did Ed Gamble Lose weight?

Ed Gamble after Weight Loss 2

Ed followed a very simple approach. He didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the gym because he had some other things to do such as writing jokes and attending events, all that.

Ed decided to also work out at home when he had time. This was easy for him because he had a personal trainer and his trainer guided him.

Ed was using a Dexcom G6 device to monitor his glucose levels. And he said, “This technology is amazing. Now I have an excuse to check my phone“.

Diet Plan

Ed wasn’t focusing on his eating habits. But once he changed to a healthy diet it completely changed his lifestyle. He starts losing weight and feeling more energetic than before.

Ed Gamble Before & After Weight Loss

Ed Gamble Before and After Weight Loss

Before starting the weight loss journey Ed’s weight was around 266 pounds. And after changing his lifestyle now Ed’s weight is 168.

In total Ed has lost around 100 pounds. Now he is doing very well in his life and feeling more stronger than ever before.

Is Ed Gamble diabetic?

Yes, Ed Gamble was fighting type 1 diabetes. He was first diagnosed with this condition when he was 13 years old. This is a condition in which the immune system destroys the insulin-making cells in your pancreas. But now Ed Gamble is in good shape and doing a lot of great things in his life.

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