Joey Quinn – Desmond Harrington Weight Loss 2022: Before & After

Joey Quinn is a character from the show, Dexter. It is played by Desmond Harrington. Throughout the article, I’ll be using the name, Joey Quinn. Joey has won the hearts of most of the fans by his dead serious acting. 

Throughout the whole show, Quinn’s appearance has changed so rapidly. He has lost a lot of weight. The way Quinn became skinner raised a lot of questions among his fans. Some were worried about his health, some were asking for tips to lose weight. Others thought that he’s on drugs.

Let’s find out what was the main reason behind all this:

Desmond Harrington after weight loss 3

How did Quinn lose weight?

What’s a better way of knowing about Quinn’s weight loss journey other than in his own words? Joey said, “I didn’t have any surgery. I’m not sick. It’s called running and eating better. I’m in my 30s, I have to take care of my health” 

Desmond Harrington before and after weight loss 2

After Joey maintained his diet and workout plan, he has succeeded in losing 30 pounds. And he is continuing to do so. Though he is not happy with the way people talk about him. Joey said, “All the ridiculous stuff out there, ‘He’s on drugs, he’s sick.’ get a life! I am focusing on my health”.

As it appears, Quinn is satisfied with his new self. He’s getting better with the passage of time. It should be clear now that he is doing well, he’s not sick and he is definitely not on drugs. In fact, he is healthier than before.

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Desmond Harrington before weight loss 2
Desmond Harrington before weight loss

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