Yvette Nicole Brown before after weight loss Yvette Nicole Brown before after weight loss

Yvette Nicole Brown Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Yvette is an American actress, comedian, writer, and TV personality. She rose to prominence after playing Shirley Bennett in NBC’s Community comedy series.

Throughout her acting career, Nicole has won many accolades. She has also won a Primetime Emmy Award. Where Yvette gained recognition in NBC’s Community, it also proved to be quite harmful as well.

She fell into sweet-eating addiction and gained a lot of weight. And that gained weight resulted in developing type 2 diabetes. And that’s how Nicole ended up not only being overweight but also fighting diabetes.

Talking about the situation, Yvette said, “I got diabetes, or gave myself diabetes, by eating a lot of donuts on the set of Community. I spent a lot of time at the craft services table, and I watched myself get bigger and bigger.”

Nicole added, “And if you watch the show, you can see me get bigger and bigger. And I got a pre-diabetes diagnosis maybe in season one, and then by season three it was full-blown diabetes.”

The good news, however, is that she has embarked on the journey of recovery.

Yvette’s Weight Loss Journey

Yvette Nicole Brown weight loss

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Nicole consulted with the physician, Wali, who reassured her that it was never too late and that Yvette could still come back on the healthy track. Talking about the effects of processed sugar, Wali said,

“I believe that sugar is the drug of a new generation. It’s like tobacco. And the worrying thing is that it’s totally legal and is considered normal.”

Wali’s assessment opened Nicole’s eyes and as soon as she heard it, she eliminated processed sugar from her diet.

After restaining from this “new drug”, Brown completely changed her life. She started following a healthy diet that consisted mostly of green vegetables and fruits.

She also ate lean meat to get her protein. And once Yvette stuck to this diet, she felt a revolution happening inside her body.

Nicole started losing weight. She could move better. Along with maintaining an organic diet, she also exercised. All in all, Brown completely transformed her daily routine. 

Before and After Weight Loss

Yvette Nicole Brown before after weight loss

Yvette Nicole’s remarkable transformation began when she decided to remove sugar from her diet. Through determination and discipline, she managed to shed an impressive 30 pounds.

Her hard work and commitment paid off, and today she stands at a healthy 175 pounds. This significant change not only reflects her dedication but also demonstrates the positive impact it has had on her overall well-being.

Diabetes is Rising in African-American Families

“The rates of diabetes in the African-American community are higher, and there are more complications,” Wali said, 

“I personally, given the populations I’ve treated,  think being a black person in the United States dealing with just everyday life, plus the effects of racism, I think that actually impacts health outcomes.”

Agreeing with Wali Yvette said that if you are a black person in America, you’ve got a lot of other matters to deal with, and by dealing with them, you forget that gaining weight is also a big issue. 

Final Words

Processed sugar is an addictive substance of our generation. And it is equally harmful as it is addictive.

It can not only cause diabetes but also heart attack and cancer.

By getting out of this vicious cycle, Yvette has completely changed her life and is in a way better shape than before.

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