Mama June Weight Loss [2023], Before and After Journey

June Shannon, also known as Mama June, is a reality television superstar. From the start, she was a controversial character.

June got pregnant at the age of 14, and because of that, she dropped out of high school, though she later earned her graduate degree.

She has also worked in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Her main problem was always her weight. She weighed 460 pounds, which is a huge problem for anybody.

The famous actress and comedian, Lara Beitz, has lost 40 pounds. Find out what she feels about the change.

Mama June Weight Loss Journey

Mama June after weight loss

However, after struggling with obesity for so long, she decided to get rid of it.

In 2016, June Shannon went through a gastric sleeve surgery, which was the biggest catalyst for making change.

Her stomach size was reduced by 75% in the procedure.

Besides having gastric sleeve surgery, June worked with a professional trainer name Kenya Crooks. 

Mama June started losing weight to make her ex regret letting her go.

She had a long-sleeved, size 4 dress that she wanted to wear but could not because of her heavy body.

So it was kinda one of the reasons to lose weight.

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Diet And Workout Plan

Weight loss surgery guarantees losing most of the weight, of course. But still, it requires a lot of dedication and effort to achieve the goal.

She had to manage her weight loss. June made a new healthier diet plan which included drastically reducing portion sizes. She avoided things with too much fat.

June Shannon started getting serious about exercise and made a proper routine for gyming.

She said, “I’ve worked my as* off, working out, getting healthy, and now I feel like becoming the person on the outside that I always felt like on the inside”.

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June Shannon Went Through More Surgeries

Doing efforts for losing weight was not the only reason for June’s physical transformation.

Like many other gastric sleeve patients, June also opted for skin removal surgery to fast results for her weight loss.

Later she scheduled a breast augmentation.

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Thoughts Of Mama June’s Kids

Mama June’s daughter Alanna (also known as Honey Boo Boo) said, “She looks great,  I am really proud of her.”

Alanna also struggled with obesity for most of her life, so she is getting benefits from her mom’s healthy eating tips.

June Shannon’s daughter Lauryn said that it was hard to accept everybody in the house that she is eating healthy meals, then we all observed that she needs support to achieve the goal, so we made healthier meal plans for her.

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Before and After Weight Loss

Mama June before after weight loss

Mama June started her weight loss journey when she weighed 460 pounds, now she is 165 pounds.

She lost 195 pounds on this journey.

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Final Words

Mama June achieved a huge target that most people could not.

It tells us that if you have any goal just achieve it without any hesitation and without thinking too much.

June started it to make her ex regret and she succeeded in that mission.

So if you are also struggling with achieving your dreams, don’t be disappointed, these will come true in time. Just stick to the plan.

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