Darcey Silva Weight Before After Darcey Silva Weight Before After

Darcey Silva Weight Loss 2024: Before & After Journey

Darcey Silva made quite an impression when she reappeared on the show “90 Day Fiancé” after a significant absence. Upon her return in season 2, fans couldn’t help but notice how different she looked compared to before.

Darcy and her sister had undergone a series of cosmetic procedures, which had notably altered their physical appearances.

Losing weight had been a desire of Darcey’s for quite some time, but she struggled to find the motivation to make it happen. However, after an extended period, something sparked her inspiration to shed those extra pounds.

This time around, she found herself with both the time and the motivation needed to embark on her weight loss journey.

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Weight Loss Journey

Darcey Silva Journey of Weight loss

Darcey started losing weight after season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé. She started working out and got a consultation from a nutritionist.

Darcy started following a diet and working out on a daily basis. It was hard for her to do it consistently in starting.

But after some time it was her daily routine. She changed her diet and followed a healthy diet. A diet helped him to lose pounds drastically. 

Diet Plan

Silva’s sisters throw out some junk foods from their diet. They also cut Sugar, Carbs, and Cold Drinks. And started eating healthy and tasty stuff.

This helps them to lose weight slowly. Silva’s sisters are still following the same diet. They don’t eat any kind of fast food.

Instead of drinking soda, they drink a lot of water. If you also want to lose weight then this is a very useful tip for you.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Because if you drink water before eating your meal then you will eat less and water will fill your stomach. So this will start helping you to lose weight. 

Workout Plan

Darcy started walking in the morning and it helped her a lot. Sometimes she also runs on a treadmill if there is no time to go out for a run.

Walking in the morning can help a lot if you can’t work out and don’t have time to go to the gym. This will burn a lot of fat in the long term. And you will start to feel healthy and more energetic. 


Darcey Silva Weight Before After

Silva’s sisters have indeed undergone various surgeries, and as a result, they’ve faced their fair share of criticism from fans.

Some people believe that these surgeries have made them look even more beautiful than before, while others argue that the procedures have made them appear less attractive. It’s a topic that sparks differing opinions among their followers.

Before & After Weight Loss

In their weight loss journey, Darcey’s sisters collectively lost approximately 100 pounds. Prior to undergoing gastric surgery, the Silva Sisters were naturally beautiful, and their looks garnered admiration.

However, some people feel that their appearances have become less appealing after the surgery.

Interestingly, despite the criticisms surrounding their surgical procedures, Darcey chose not to respond to any of them. She maintained her silence regarding the matter.


Silva’s sisters are going through a lot of things in their personal lives. They still manage to start their weight loss journey and continue it on a daily basis.

If you are also struggling to lose some pounds then start it now. Don’t wait for the right time because there is no right time to do anything.

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