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Meghan Trainor Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Meghan is consistently working on keeping her body healthy and fit. She is keeping the future in mind and working on herself.

Meghan wants to give a better future for her kids and is looking to improve her life in every way. It is also true that uncertain problems come in every phase of life.

Meghan Trainor knows that, and she wants to be ready to tackle them. Being healthy can also help to live longer, and that is also the reason for Meghan to start working out and following a diet plan.

In this article, You will find some useful tips as well as the diet plan which helps Meghan to lose weight.

Weight Loss Journey

In an interview, Meghan was talking about his wedding and then she said: “I am also working on my health and my fitness. I have lost 20 pounds in a healthy way. I work out and eat much better food for myself. Just because one day we will have kids too and I want to be the healthiest I can be for those kids”.

This is such a great gift to have for your kids. You want to be energetic when you have kids to play with them. Meghan made a commitment and she is still working to improve herself for a better life.

Diet Plan

There are many things she did to lose weight. Some of them you may like and some of them not. Instead of doing all of them, you can try some of them and see what’s working for you.

Every morning after waking up, Meghan drinks a glass of lemon water. Drinking lemon water helps you to get hydrated, especially in the morning when you are dehydrated after sleeping.

Lemon water makes your skin vibrant and increases your energy levels. So if you feel lazy and sleepy in the morning make sure to drink a glass of lemon water.

Meghan Trainor never skips breakfast. She always eats breakfast 45 minutes to an hour after waking up. But if you don’t eat breakfast an hour after waking up then you can eat when you are hungry.

She drinks 3 green teas a day. Green tea has a lot of benefits. L-theanine for instance is an amazing amino acid. L-theanine helps to decrease anxiety and depression.

Green tea also helps in weight loss, it has antioxidants that help to heal the body and make the skin look great. Studies have shown that caffeine can increase your metabolism by 11 percent.

So if you want a little bump in your metabolism then green tea can help you. But if you are sensitive to caffeine then 3 cups a day is not recommended.

Meghan is having three to five servings of veggies and drinks three to four liters of water. Avoid trans fat in your meal.

For most people drinking three to four liters of water can be difficult. If you are not thirsty at the time then don’t drink. But whenever you feel a little thirsty then you can drink a little more than needed. She also avoided frozen foods which have trans fat.

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Workout Plan

Meghan works out 3-5 hours per week. The habit of working out is very useful. Because it helps us to make our muscles toned and can increase energy levels. You can

She sleeps at least 6 hours per night. Rest is very important if you are working out and have a goal of losing weight. Good sleep helps to balance hormones and feel good. Quality of sleep also plays a very important role in our daily life.

Meghan also enjoys a cheat day or you can say treat day, every two weeks if it’s earned. After completing two weeks of journey you can treat yourself to some tasty foods. Because losing weight is a never-ending journey.

Giving rewards to yourself for making all those efforts for your body can be helpful. Some studies show that having one treat day or off day in a week can serve your goal best and help you to stick with your goal for the long term.

Before & After Weight Loss

Meghan Trainor Before After

Meghan Trainor has made remarkable progress and generously shared valuable tips with her fans. She successfully shed more than 20 pounds and continues to maintain her workout regimen and healthy daily routine.

In our own lives, many of us aspire to make improvements but often struggle to muster the effort required. However, individuals like Meghan Trainor, who lead busy lives, manage to carve out time for their health and fitness.

They recognize the numerous advantages of a healthy lifestyle, which is why they prioritize exercise and maintain a balanced diet on a daily basis. Their dedication serves as an inspiring example of how making time for health can lead to positive transformations.


I hope you find this helpful for your journey. Losing weight is not an easy thing. There is a lot of hard work included.

The weight loss journey of Meghan Trainor may inspire you to take the first step toward your journey. And maybe you are already on a journey to a healthy life and this helps you to stick with your goal.

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