Darienne Lake before after weight loss Darienne Lake before after weight loss

Darienne Lake Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Darianne Lake, whose birth name is Greg Mayor, is a drag queen and TV personality. She started drag performance in 1990 after her first year at college in Rochester, New York. She rose to fame after appearing in the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Recently, Darienne shocked her fans by sharing her new photo on Twitter. She imitated the famous meme saying, “How it started and how it is going”. When Lake compared her old photo with her new one, it became clear how far has she come.

Through hard work and maintaining a healthy diet, the drag queen has lost more than 100 pounds. After hearing the news, her fans were eager to know about Darienne’s weight loss journey: how did she lose weight?

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Darianne Lake’s Weight Loss Journey

Lake started her weight loss journey last year after her doctor warned her that she was at risk of diabetes. It was clearly a call to action and Darienne acted in the right manner at the right time. She started focusing on what she consumed and how she spent her days.

Now, gymming was something that Lake never liked but to live healthily and happily, she had to take this step. “I will gladly take the gym soreness over the hurt I carried on my body and in my soul,” she said.

Darienne started spending hours in the gym on a daily basis. She credited her weight loss to the combination of squats, deadlifts, cycling, walking, and crunches. Besides working out, Lake also focused on what she ate and eliminated all kinds of unhealthy foods.

Darienne limited eating out in the restaurant and focused more on homemade foods. The queen also gave up drinking coffee and substituted it with a glass of carrot juice in the morning.

She stopped eating dinner for a whole month, and as a result of which, she lost a significant amount of weight.

Before & After Weight Loss

Darienne Lake before after weight loss

As Lake’s tweet reveals, she has accomplished an incredible feat of shedding 100 pounds, bringing her current weight down to 220 pounds.

What’s even more remarkable is that she used to weigh over 300 pounds before her weight loss journey, and that’s truly a remarkable achievement.

Undergoing Surgery

In 2020, Darienne was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer). After the diagnosis, the drag queen immediately started treatment and underwent a surgical procedure. “I had a biopsy done and it’s positive for melanoma (cancer) I had surgery 2 weeks ago to take out more tissue, and lymph nodes to make sure it didn’t spread,” Lake said.

She added in her usual fun way, “Just my luck to live somewhere where the sun shines 12 months a year and I get skin cancer. But, things look good and if I smell like sunscreen from now on, you’ll know why. 2020 is a c**t, but I’m a bigger c**t. Not today, cancer. Not today.”

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Final Words

Throughout her life, Darienne has seen a lot of hardships. Whether it was a fight with society to gain acceptance or it was her relationship with her mother, Lake never felt dishearted.

So, how could she let obesity down her? Lake’s weight loss journey is a great example for anyone who is looking forward to living healthily.