Delta Burke Weight Loss [Updated]: Before & After Journey

Burke is famous for her role in the CBS “Designing Women”. For which she was nominated for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Not once but twice!

However, Delta was struggling with obesity and was trying to figure out what to do. The favorite actress of the 80s kid was having health issues because of being overweight. But we all know how Delta is successful in every field of her life.

Burke shed unnecessary and unhealthy pounds.  She shocked her fans when she appeared recently with her new look. Let’s find out how Delta Burke succeeded in her struggle. After receiving inspiration from the senior actress, the famous stars, Kelly Doty and Pam Bondi also lost a significant amount of weight.

Weight Loss Journey

Delta Burke Weight Lose Journey

There are multiple reasons behind Delta’s journey. Just after the completion of the Designing Women series, Burke disappeared from the screens. Just when the actress was having her prime time she took her off the screen. The fans were going crazy.

It was her weight that caused her sudden disappearance. Burke has had some health problems since her early years. When Delta underwent her full health checkup, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Doctors warned her that she must start taking some serious decisions about her health issues as it may cause a lot of trouble in the future. At that time Burke’s weight was 215 pounds.

The weight was causing a lot of problems. Just when it was time for her to become a big star, obesity made a lot of trouble for her.

But Delta is not one of those who give up in such circumstances. Rather she stood and fought bravely. The actress started following a healthy diet plan. Burke also did some sports.

She finally got over the fat and her life turned to improve day by day. Burke also continued her acting career which was waiting for her for a long time.

How Things Went South?

After the recovery from obesity. Burke started her own business of selling clothes. She had the experience of how obesity causes a lot of trouble for women.

She started selling clothes for the women who were struggling with their weight. Delta also got busy in her acting career.

In all this business, she could not take care of her health and she started gaining weight again. The rate of increasing weight was higher this time. Which was an alarming warning.

Burke visited her doctor who told her the same thing, “take care of your health first”. Burke’s weight was increased to 220 pounds.

Where her acting career was being affected, Burke’s health was also getting worse. This condition changed Delta Burke forever.

She became a different person and swore that now she will not only lose these extra pounds but she would also track her body appearance for the rest of her life.

Did Burke undergo any weight loss surgery?

As Burke changed her eating habits and transformed her body completely most people thought that Delta had undergone surgery.

Even some of her fans took this assumption for a fact. However, this is not correct. Delta Burke has not undergone any surgery for her weight loss.

Most people think that surgery is the easiest way of getting rid of obesity. Rather it is a dangerous way of doing it. Doctors suggest this method to the ones who have no other way or who have to lose their weight as soon as possible.

So, the main question is if Burke did not undergo any surgery then

How Delta Burke lost weight?

Delta followed a disciplined path for her healthy and disciplined life. On the advice of her doctor, Delta cut unhealthy food from her menu list.

Burke also joined a gym. The measures she took proved to be highly effective for her and within some months Burke was living a healthy and obesity-less life.

The singer, Zac Brown’s story is exactly the same one as Delta Burke’s.

Diet Plan

The problem with Burke was that just like most of us she could not say no to food. Therefore Burke had a lot of trouble following the diet plan.

The doctor recommends Delta remove the processed food from her dining table. Delta also avoided food that included a heavy amount of sugar.

Burke even tried to go vegan. However, it did not go well as she could not resist tasty chicken after few months. Delta resisted her on unhealthy stuff though. She subtracted the fast food from her life.

Burke substituted her morning coffee with green tea. Her main focus was eating nutritious food. At dinner, Burke had a salad. It was for this strict diet plan, Delta shed some big deal of pounds.

Workout Plan

The Designing woman joined a gym for this purpose. She would lift some heavyweights there. Delta would also do cycling and boxing in the gym. Burke would run for a mile every morning. Which affected her health in a very good way.

How much weight did Burke lose?

Delta Burke lost around 65 to 70 pounds because of these huge effects.

Before & After Weight Loss

Delta Burke Journey of Weight Lose

Burke has seen a lot of upheavals in her life. As the photo tells before taking these measures, Delta weighed around 220 pounds, however, after struggling and doing a workout Burke has succeeded in losing her weight to 150 pounds.

Delta Burke’s Brief Biography

Delta Ramona Leah Burke was born on 30th July 1956. Delta’s birthplace is Orlando, Florida. She was born to a single mother Jean. Delta is a sister of two younger siblings. Burke graduated from Colonial High School.

Given her passion for art, Burke won a scholarship to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Burke has never met her father. In the year 1974, Burke won the award of “Miss Florida”.


Delta’s played her first role on TV in 1980. After that, she worked on multiple projects. However, the turning point in Burke’s life came in 1986 when she was cast for “Designing Women”.

She played the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker. For which she was appreciated all over the country. She worked in the series till its end in 1991.

Burke Delta’s story tells us that it is never late. You can change your life whenever you want with the right decisions. It is right that Delta saw many ups and downs but she succeeded and transformed her life for her good as she took some right decisions at right time.

We should take inspiration from her life and learn that no matter how difficult circumstances become, we should never give up.

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