Post Malone Weight Loss [Updated]: Actual Story Revealed

Post Malone (Austin Post) is very successful in his music career. Currently, he is working on self-improvement. In case you don’t know Malone has recently undergone a drastic change in terms of his appearance which has shocked everyone. Post’s change was related to his weight loss or it seemed so.

We don’t know exactly if Post has undergone any weight loss but it is obvious that there are many changes in his life. And most of those changes are positive and healthy.

Malone has limited his Drinking

Post Malone Weight Loss Journey

Malone is improving himself. You must have seen his videos in which he is seemed as being hungover. Well, things are changing now. It is true that he used to drink a lot and he took drugs as well. He never seemed to care much about his health in this particular way.

But right now, Malone is making some serious progress. He said, “Thank you guys, for you worrying about me. I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.” He continued, “And that’s why I can now do the shows in a more energetic way.”

Most of his fans are happy about Malone’s choice. But guess what, there are also others who think that he seemed edgy back then. “Stoney Posty seemed a lot cooler,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

However, being edgy aside Malone’s decision of giving up drugs and drinking is very good and has made a lot of difference for him.

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Has Malone undergone a weight loss journey?

Post Malone After Weight Loss

There is also news circulating on social media that Malone has lost a considerable amount of weight. Some people are even claiming about Post’s diet and workout plan.

Though the reality is, he has lost weight but whether Malone has undergone a weight loss journey or not No one knows about it. Malone has not said anything about his weight loss officially.

It’s true that his body tells a story of a weight loss procedure but this can also merely be an outcome of leaving drugs. Of course, when you leave unhealthy habits your health will shine.

There is no official statement by Malone or his manager that says that he has taken any measures to lose weight.

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Is Malone okay?

Post Malone singer

However, given the change in Malone’s weight loss appearance, some fans are worried about his health.

So if being a Post Malone fan you are worried about his health. Don’t be, because he is improving a lot.

Post has changed his habits, and health them, in a positive way. He seems slimmer and better than before. Malone’s performance on stage has also improved a lot.


In this age of technology, one thing has become very risky. That is a fact. People share news without confirming its authenticity.

I hope that this piece of writing has helped you in finding out facts about Post Malone’s appearance and what he is doing right now.

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