DJ Khaled Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Khaled Mohammed Khaled is an American DJ, record producer, author, and occasional rapper.

In the world of music, he is known as DJ Khaled. Khaled came to the public notice after hosting the radio station, 99 Jamz, in the 1990s. Khaled’s debut album, Listennn… the Album, was released in 2006.

Those of you, who’ve been following Khaled for a long time know that he has always been in plus size.

However, recently DJ shocked his fans by collaborating with WW (Weight Watchers) and losing 43 pounds. Yes, you read it right, DJ Khaled is way slimmer than before.

So, why did he do that? Well, he lost weight because he was asked by his doctor to do so because the doctor believed that DJ was facing the threat of diabetes. And what is a better way to lose weight than by collaboration with WW? Khaled even became the official ambassador of the company.

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DJ Khaled’s Weight Loss Journey

Khaled started his weight loss journey in the December of 2017. And within a couple of months, DJ was enjoying a far more healthy physique. Talking about his weight loss, he said that the main reason behind his weight loss was his family.

DJ said that he didn’t care about his weight and appearance and that he only lost weight because he wanted to be there for his loved ones. “I have to love myself to take care of the people that I love,” DJ said, “It’s not a priority, it’s the only priority.”

How did DJ Khaled Lose Weight?

DJ Khaled weight loss

Khaled lost weight by maintaining a healthy diet. With the help of WW, he stayed away from unhealthy foods.

DJ followed WW’s freestyle diet program to get in better shape. Along with controlling his calorie intake, DJ also got involved in physical activities such as exercising.

DJ Khaled’s Diet Plan

To shed pounds, Khaled changed his diet plan. Whereas before he ate whatever he wanted, now DJ turned to a more disciplined and healthy diet. On the suggestion of WW, Khaled eliminated rice and bread completely from his diet.

Khaled described those two foods as his “weakness” but he had to let them go. He also reduced the processed sugar consumption from his diet. “I love pumpkin pie, I love sweet potato pie. Who doesn’t? But I touch that and it still pleases my taste buds,” he said. “I’m not gonna eat it seven days a week now. I might eat it once a week and it’s like a celebration.”

DJ started eating more of a plant-based diet. Talking about his dilemma at restaurants, Khaled said, “If I go to a restaurant, I’ll order what I love. But I’m going to think about every time I order something, know what I’m sayin’? If I order a cappuccino, it’s what’s that sugar called? It’s “stevia” instead of sugar, know what I’m sayin’? I eat more fish and salad.”

By following this healthy and more disciplined diet, DJ succeeded in getting rid of the extra pounds. Although with somewhat difficulty, he succeeded in sticking to a diet plan. However, things weren’t the same when it came to working out.

DJ Khaled’s Workout Plan

Although working out seems hard, Khaled is not stepping down. In fact, he starts his workout routine right after waking up in the morning.

DJ starts his day by walking for a mile. He also does cardio workouts. Khaled said that he worked out with his two-year-old son, Asahd.

“My son loves working out with me,” he said, “He loves to workout on his little toy bike right beside me. I feel like it’s my job as a parent and for the love of my son that I teach him everything correct.” To forget the workout’s difficulty, DJ listens to music while exercising.

Before and After Weight Loss

DJ Khaled before after weight loss

After making changes to his daily lifestyle, Khaled saw some major changes in his physique. Khaled lost 43 pounds. He dropped his weight to 250 pounds from 293 pounds.

Khaled’s Take On Living Healthily

After shedding some pounds, DJ seems way healthier and more energetic than before. While talking about the meaning of happiness, Khaled said, “Healthy is not just eating well. Healthy being happy. Healthy’s having joy and love. That’s healthy.”

He added, “When you have all that connected in one, life is way better. It’s beautiful. You’re smiling, you’re laughing, you feel good, you love more.”

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Final Words

Sure doing new things seems scary. It feels hard and sometimes it is hard. But if you are determined and consistent in what you are doing, nothing is impossible.

Just like what Khaled did when he was determined to shed pounds. His consistency gave the desired results.

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