Masaharu Morimoto Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

The Japanese chef is well known for his unique, tasty dishes and the way he represents them making them more delicious.

Now, before we discuss Morimoto’s weight loss journey let me ask you a question, What if you are going to your house and you smell delicious food, wouldn’t you be tempted to eat?

Of course, you would. Now consider Masaharu he is not only around tasty food most of the day but he is also cooking it.

In an interview, he said, “Because I’m a chef, I eat out frequently, so it’s hard for me to control what I consume in terms of calories”. So that’s how Morimoto became obese.

Well, the good news is that Morimoto has recently lost 40 pounds. And has got back into shape.

When Masaharu appeared in the public, most of his fans were asked about his transformation. Here is the whole story behind the drastic change in Morimoto’s weight. 

How did Masaharu lose weight?

Masaharu Morimoto Weight Loss Journey

With the passage of time, Morimoto’s weight increased so much that even the bare movement was difficult for him.

So he finally took the decision to lose weight and changed his physique for the good of his overall health. Morimoto has lost weight by maintaining his diet and doing some exercise.

Diet Plan

Masaharu Morimoto Before Weight Loss

As you know that Morimoto is a chef so it wasn’t a big deal for him to prepare healthy meals.

Masaharu started having salad for lunch and dinner but he would try different salads every time. The Iron Chef also limited meat consumption.

He start noticing if he was eating while cooking and kept track of everything. Another way Morimoto avoids consuming high calories is when he is home, his wife prepares food for him. She takes care to not prepare high-calorie food.

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Workout Plan

Masaharu also started doing some exercise. However, at first, he wasn’t satisfied with the effort. He said, “I did workout for first 2 months but there wasn’t any noticeable change. But soon after 3 months, I realized the change”. 

This is the fact about working out. You might not notice any considerable change for the few months.

But eventually, you will see that things have turned out pretty well. So if you are stuck in any such situation, please don’t give up. Continue your struggle.

How much weight did Masaharu lose?

Masaharu Morimoto Before After Weight Loss

With the combined effort of maintaining his diet and doing exercise, Morimoto lost 40 pounds.

Final Words

If you are struggling with your food consumption you can learn a lot from the chef, Morimoto.

Yes, food temptation is a real thing and sometimes it can be very hard but think about the life of a chef who’s preparing that tasty food most of the day. If he can control so can you.

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