David Harbour Weight Loss [Updated]: Intermittent Fasting, Before and After

Harbour is an American actor. He has played supporting roles in different movies such as Suicide Squad, The Green Hornet, End of Watch, and Extraction.

However, the breakthrough in David’s career came when he was cast for the Netflix original, The Stranger Things

David received a Critics’ Choice Television Award. He was also nominated for two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Recently, David shocked his fans when he appeared in the fourth season of The Stranger Things. There were two reasons fans were surprised.

One, that the long-dead presumed Hopper was still alive, and second that David’s physique seemed quite different than before.

He had lost 75 pounds to appear in the 4th season. Yes, you read it right. As Hopper was brought to the gulag by the Russians and had to do a lot of labor work, Harbour was bound to lose weight to fit right into the character. 

After realizing that Harbour had lost weight, the fans were inquisitive to find out how did he do that.

Well, there is a whole journey behind David’s huge weight loss. So, without further delay, let’s dive right into his weight loss story.

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David Harbour’s Weight Loss Journey

David Harbour before weight loss

“When I took my shirt off, I wanted to reveal this body that had been hardened by this prison,” Harbour said talking about his weight loss and his character. He added, “You know, a guy who was more brutal but was also thinner and had not been eating well.”

Well, in reality, David didn’t go to any gulag to lose weight. To shed pounds, he maintained intermittent fasting.

David observed fasting with a lot of discipline. And in the end, it paid off. Fasting was more restricted to the amount of food he ate rather than what food he ate.

Talking about his efforts, Harbour said, “It wasn’t so much about what I was eating, it was about the how, and that was much better for my lifestyle. All these guys in fitness are like ‘you’ve got to steam chicken breast and vegetables and a little bit of rice,’ and that’s just not my vibe.”

He added, “I did eat some of that though because I was really big, the weight came off pretty easily.” After losing weight, David felt very healthy and happy. He felt like a burden was just lifted off of his back. He plans to live healthily like this for the days to come. 

Before & After Weight Loss

David Harbour before after weight loss

By practicing intermittent fasting, Harbour has succeeded in 75 pounds. The weight loss not only helped him in playing a gulag worker but also transformed his health completely.

After losing weight, Harbour’s current weight is around 190 pounds as compared to his old weight of 265 pounds.

David’s Comments On His Weight Loss Transformation

David seems very happy with his weight loss transformation. Talking about which, he said, “There’s health, and then there’s aesthetics, like how you look, and then there’s how you feel, and I think sometimes those are the same, and sometimes they’re very different.”

He said, “My whole relationship with my body changed. I felt I could trust this machine more, I could do things. It’s those little things I’m grateful for. I don’t have aches in my hip and knee anymore because I’ve strengthened my core.”

David’s Struggle With Alcoholism

Harbour also struggled with alcoholism in the past. And only after knowing that, you can truly appreciate his hard work in practicing fasting.

David had struggled with the addiction in his 20s. He said that he was feeling “very lonely and directionless in his life”.

And it was after realizing that, that David decided to get rid of the alcohol addiction for the good.

As it seems, Harbour is very firm in his decision. He said, “I enjoy consciousness too much now to drink again.”

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Final Words

Through maintaining discipline and following a healthy routine, David got rid of his addiction and lost a significant amount of weight.

It just proves all kinds of myths associated with weight loss wrong. So, the decision is yours now: either believe in those myths and do nothing or change your life by taking action.

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