Mila Kunis Before After Weight Loss Mila Kunis Before After Weight Loss

Mila Kunis Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Do you think that your work is hard? Read about the Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis’ weight loss story.

If you’ve been following Kunis for a long time, this might seem strange to you as she already has a very thin body.

But she is an actress and actors have to change themselves with the passage of time and with the requirement of their work.

When Mila was cast for her upcoming movie, Black Swan, she was required by filmmakers to undergo a weight loss procedure.

She had to lose a lot of weight. And that’s what she did. Kunis, who already had a very thin appearance, reduced her weight up to 95 pounds!

Mila Kunis Before After Weight Loss

95 pounds? Well, that’s insane. That’s what most of the fans were saying when they first saw Mila in her new appearance.

Her crazy passion for entertaining her fans or her love for acting? Call it what you want. But that’s true that she totally changed her physique.

When she appeared on the red carpet, for the promotion of the film, reporters were asking her questions only related to her weight.

I know that you are interested in her story as well. So let’s find out how did she achieve such crazy results.

How did Mila Lose Weight for the Black Swan?

Mila Kunis After Weight Loss

Mila’s weight loss diet was very extreme. She cut out most of the food from her daily routine.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was starving herself. Now, an adult woman requires 2000 calories per day. However, Kunis limited her daily calorie consumption to only 1200 calories. 

But as if that wasn’t crazy enough, she also started smoking. Kunis would smoke dozens of cigarettes in a day.

She did this only to become thin in a short period of time so the shooting for the film begin. Now, this of course is as crazy an idea as it sounds. Smoking way too much increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Before I say anything about this strange way of weight loss, read in the words of Mila, “I don’t recommend anybody ever doing it. 1200 calories and I smoked. I don’t advocate this at all. It was awful”. All in all, Kunis is not happy with what she did to her body. Not at all.

The young Korean-American actress, Wendy Red Velvet, has lost 33 pounds in a similar way to Mila.

How risky is Mila’s weight loss method?

Mila Kunis Weight Loss

Now, the method that Kunis followed is a very dangerous one. It is very risky.

The problem with this way of losing pounds is that the moment you stop caring for your weight you will gain the weight back again. And that’s not very good for your health.

As Mila, herself pointed out that “All the weight that left my chest went to my side hip, my stomach”.

Another severe problem with this method is that when you change your calorie intake suddenly, your body might react in a very dangerous way as it is not adopted in a new way. This way of losing weight is risking your whole body just to lose some pounds.

Well, about cigarettes, I’m not even going to discuss them. I think that’s a well-established fact that cigarettes are a very dangerous thing no matter what’s the purpose of smoking. And in place of losing weight, one might fall into some severe disease such as heart disease.

The good news is that although there were big chance that Mila might face some health issues because of this weight-loss method, she didn’t.

She played her character perfectly in Black Swan. However, don’t ever think for a moment that this might work for you. 

Mila Kunis Lost Weight Again for ‘Four Good Days’

Mila Kunis Health

Her passion for her work is so much that she again decided to undergo a weight loss procedure for her new movie, Four Good Days.

However, she chose a more safe way than before. Mila had to play the role of a drug addict. So she had to transform her physique to meet the role.

In an interview, Kunis said, “I don’t know how much weight have I lost. But I can tell you, based on my clothing, I was as thin as I was for Black Swan”. This time, Kunis took the help of cardio and a healthy diet. She had the experience that a quick fix won’t do anything, rather it was a risk to her health.

So, Mila started eating only homemade food. She avoided dairy products as well as most meat products.

She also avoided food that contained a high amount of sugar. This approach took a month but it was worth it.

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Regardless of the methods, Mila chooses in order to lose weight, one thing is clear she is very passionate about her acting career and would do anything to make it perfect.

Please note that the method Mila chose to lose weight for her movie, Black Swan, is very dangerous for everyone’s health.

So, don’t think for a second that if it worked for her there is the slightest possibility that it would work for you. Because it didn’t work for Mila either.

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