Eddie Hall before after weight loss Eddie Hall before after weight loss

Eddie Hall Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Eddie is a former professional strongman and actor from Britain. He’s not just a strongman, but he’s also stepped into the boxing ring a few times.

In his career, Eddie Hall has achieved a lot. His proudest moment was winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017. That’s a big deal in the world of strongmen!

But that’s not all. He’s also won competitions like Britain’s Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man.

You might wonder, why did he have to be so heavy? Well, being a strongman means you have to be super strong, and that often means being really heavy. At one point, Eddie weighed a whopping 200 kilograms, which is about 441 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly! He had to carry all that weight to lift the massive weights in competitions.

But recently, Eddie surprised everyone by sharing a new picture on the internet. In the photo, it was clear that he had lost a lot of weight. He shed 50 kilograms, which is 110 pounds! Why did he do this? He did it to take on his long-time rival, Thor Bjornsson, who’s also a super strong guy from Iceland. Eddie wanted to be lighter and faster to compete with Thor.

How did Eddie Hall Lose Weight?

Eddie Hall weight loss

When Eddie shared his new photo, his fans were shocked by his new appearance. The fans stormed Eddie’s social media account, asking how did he do that.

Hall finally opened up about his weight loss journey saying, “I lost weight by cutting down my calorie intake,”

Basically, Hall lost weight because he made major changes to his diet plan. He cut down his calorie consumption by a very big margin.

Along with that, The World’s Strongest Man also intensified his already intense daily workout routine.

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Eddie’s Diet Plan

Before embarking on his weight loss journey, Hall used to consume 12,000 calories per day.

This number is way bigger than a normal person’s daily calorie need, which needs 2,500 calories per day.

However, after starting his journey, Hall cut half of his calorie intake, taking it down to 6,000 calories.

Talking about this, Eddie said, “In my strongman days I was consuming upwards of 12,000 calories a day. That was just a constant cow grazing.

All day from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep I’d have meals.”

He added, “I was probably eating eight meals a day with snacks in-between and lots of liquids like high-calorie smoothies.”

He went from eating eight meals per day to four meals a day. This huge transformation benefited Hall a lot.

He started feeling more energy and power. Hall would start his day by eating five scrambled eggs and a steak for his breakfast.

And for lunch, Hall’s choice would be two large pieces of chicken along with a bowl of salad and rice. 

Dinner was also quite similar to the lunch menu. All these changes in Eddie’s diet plan led him to lose more than 100 pounds.

To kill his hunger, he would drink a lot of water, which also proved to be quite helpful for reserving energy for working out.

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Eddie’s Workout Plan

Where Hall focused on his diet plan, he also made big changes to his workout routine.

He started spending more time in the gym compared to before.

As already said, Hall also increased the intensity of his workout routine.

He would lift weights and do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and many other cardio workouts.

Hall also started running on the treadmill, which proved to be quite useful in burning calories.

Along with that, Hall also practiced fighting with his buddy, Rob ‘Big Red’ Lamon.

Of course, when you combine such a workout routine, with a significantly reduced diet, weight loss is inevitable.

Before & After Weight Loss

Eddie Hall before after weight loss

After making some big changes to his diet and working out more, Eddie managed to lose a whopping 50 kilograms, which is about 110 pounds.

So, now, he tips the scales at 150 kilograms or 331 pounds. But before, in that photo you saw earlier, he weighed a massive 200 kilograms, which is 441 pounds.

Final Words

Of course, cutting his half-calorie consumption wasn’t easy but Eddie knew that it was for the good of his health, and by doing that, he succeeded in getting rid of extra pounds.

And by doing that, he has also set a great example for weight loss aspirants.

So, if you are thinking about whether to embark on the weight loss journey, just let it go and come on to live among healthy people.

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