Vladimir Guerrero before after weight loss Vladimir Guerrero before after weight loss

Vladimir Guerrero Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Vladimir is a professional baseball player from Canada, and he’s part of the Toronto Blue Jays team in Major League Baseball (MLB). He’s got two important roles on the team – he’s the first baseman and the designated hitter.

What’s fascinating is that Vladimir is the son of another former MLB player, Vladimir Guerrero Sr. It’s like a baseball family tradition!

Throughout his sports career, Vladimir has always amazed and delighted his fans with his incredible baseball skills. He’s been quite a showstopper on the field.

But here’s the twist. Recently, something different happened that didn’t just surprise Vladimir’s fans – it actually shocked them. See, for a long time, Vladimir had been dealing with a struggle – he had been overweight. People knew about it, but something changed.

Weight Loss Journey

Vladimir Guerrero Jr before weight loss

He has even confessed that he was having trouble managing his weight. It’s a thing of the past though.

Recently, Vladimir shocked his fans and friends by sharing his new photo on social media. In just a couple of months, he succeeded in getting rid of 45 pounds.

Vladimir’s appearance told the whole story of his struggle and hard work to lose weight.

What his fans are still confused about though is finding out how he did that and what caused Guerrero to make this sudden decision.

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Why did Guerrero Lose Weight?

The thought of losing weight was always present in Vladimir’s mind.

However, what came as a push was a change in his long-held position on the team.

Vladimir was moved from the diamond base to first. This came as a call to action.

He realized that it was time to take action, otherwise, his talent would be wasted.

Another main factor behind his decision was that since COVID-19 had hit the world, Vladimir, just like everyone else, was stuck in his home. There weren’t many gyms open.

And by eating the delicious food that his grandmother prepared for him (he lives with his paternal grandmother), he gained a lot of extra pounds.

So, taking action was the only option left for Vladimir and that is what he did.

By embarking on his weight loss journey, he succeeded in getting out of the vicious cycle of obesity.

In his recent interview, Vladimir said recalling the call to action, “One day, I woke up from bed, looked in the mirror, and said, ‘That’s it,’”.

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How did Vladimir Lose Weight?

Let’s now turn to the question of how did he do that.

After deciding to lose weight, Guerrero called the personal trainer, Junior Rodriguez, and asked him to assess Vladimir for losing weight.

But Rodriguez isn’t the only person who helped Guerrero in getting back on track.

His grandmother, Altagracia Alvino, also helped Vladimir in losing weight.

He started exercising with Rodriguez and ate only healthy homemade food that his grandmother made.

Guerrero’s grandmother took full care not to prepare high-calorie foods for his grandson as she did before.

In her interview with The New York Times, Vladimir’s grandmother said in Spanish, “He looks stronger, and he’s lighter on his feet running and moving around.

And what pleases me is that he’s continued with his diet.”

So, without any delay, let’s find out Vladimir’s diet and workout plan.

Vladimir’s Diet Plan

The main reason behind Vladimir’s being overweight was his bad eating habits.

In fact, his grandmother’s delicious food wasn’t all to blame.

Before embarking on his weight loss journey, Guerrero had a unique place in his heart for beer.

He would drink beer whenever he met his friends or chill out with his family. In fact, beer was always there in Vladimir’s fridge.

So, on the advice of Rodriguez, he got rid of beer in the first place. After that, Guerrero eliminated all kinds of oily food, that might cause weight gain.

Vladimir started eating mostly vegetables and fruits. He also ate chicken and fish on a few occasions.

With the help of Rodriguez, Vladimir replanned his whole daily routine. He built the habit of waking up at 6 am in the morning on a daily basis.

After waking up, Guerrero would go for a long walk. On returning, he would either sip green tea or drink a healthy smoothie that he prepared on Rodriquez’s instructions.

Vladimir limited his daily calorie consumption from 3,000 to 2,000.

This huge change in Vladimir’s diet plan was ought to bring a huge transformation in his appearance.

He started following a healthy diet plan but it was still half work done. The next step was to build an equally healthy workout plan.

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Vladimir’s Workout Plan

Rodriguez made sure that he motivated Vladimir to do as intense a workout session as possible.

Not only did Rodriguez motivate Vladimir by sweet-talking but he also told him some bitter truths. Talking about this, Rodriguez said,

“I lowered his morale a little, but I was being sincere with him.

I told him: ‘You should be embarrassed that fans are underestimating you and talking bad about you, and you are one of the best prospects in the big leagues. Let’s commit to this; I’ll commit to you and you to me.”

Vladimir would run for two miles every day. He spent two hours in the gym on a daily basis, where he lifted weights and did every kind of cardio workout.

Along with that, Guerrero also did a lot of baseball practice sessions. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Vladimir Guerrero before after weight loss

Vladimir did something pretty amazing. He stuck to a super strict diet and worked out really hard, and guess what? He lost a whopping 45 pounds!

Before all this, he used to weigh 295 pounds, which is quite heavy. But with all his hard work, he managed to drop down to 240 pounds.

Where is Vladimir Now?

As of now, Guerrero is back on a healthy track and has made a huge comeback in his team.

Talking about which, Vladimir’s childhood friend, Bo Bichette, said, “I haven’t seen him get out and smile about his outs since Double-A, and he’s been doing that a lot because he knows he’s going to get them at some point.”

Vladimir’s personal trainer, Rodriguez, also believes in him.

He said, “Vladimir is back on track and he doesn’t need any help anymore. He knows his direction now. He’s on the mission of pursuing a healthy life.”

Final Words

There is no doubt that Vladimir’s story can be fuel for anyone who is looking forward to losing weight.

By working out and following a healthy diet plan, Guerrero has set a great example that all other athletes can follow too.

Sure, losing weight is hard but if you are determined just like Vladimir Guerrero, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop you.

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