Eric Allan Kramer Weight Loss 2023: Before & After Journey

We all know Eric for his great performance in Good luck Charlie and The Hughleys. The famous Bob Duncan from Good Luck Charlie knows a better deal about fitness.

As he has undergone weight loss multiple times. There is nothing wrong in saying that to give us some quality entertainment, Eric Kramer sacrificed his fitness.

Kramer had to gain some big deal of weight to play the funny character of ‘Bob Duncan’. He did provide a great deal of entertainment. But the weight that Eric gained started making a lot of trouble for him.

Allan’s health was declining with the passage of time. His knees couldn’t hold it anymore. Because of these problems as soon as Eric finished his job in Good luck Charlie he headed to the gym.

And shed a lot of pounds. This is how Kramer did that.

How Kramer lost Weight?

Eric Allan Journey

Allan did an intense amount of work and followed a strict diet plan. He avoided all the stuff that his trainer said ‘was contributing to his weight’. Whether it was eating or drinking.

Eric said to the interviewer “At the start of the season, I was limping around with knee problems and felt really old and weak. When I looked at myself on the show, I did not actually recognize myself. It was a very strange moment. I said, ‘who is that guest star?’ and that is when I knew things have to be changed. I said ‘Man, this thing is really getting out of my hand. Holy crap! Time to get back to the gym.

Kramer hit the gym and he changed his health conditions in a very great manner. During the show, Eric’s weight reached a very dangerous point.

He weighed around 260 pounds. But the good thing is that he controlled his weight and transformed his body completely.

Here are his diet and workout plans.

Diet Plan

First of all I had to give up that juicy steak.”, Said Eric. Instead of eating oily food, he turned to smaller, lighter meals.

The Good luck Charlie star made a healthy routine. He would wake early in the morning, and drink gorge juice. Of course, it tastes very sour but Eric really had to drink it as his health was at stake.

Besides that, Kraken also ate salad for lunch and dinner instead of food with high calories. He followed the advice that says ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

Apple is a very rich fruit it has a lot of benefits. It increases the strength of your body and maintains your health.

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Workout Plan

Eric put a lot of effort into a workout. He visited the gym every day. He never took off from the gym. His main activity in the gym was weightlifting.

He would lift weights for hours. Kramer never hesitates about the number written on weights. Eric would also do cycling, boxing, and running in the gym.

Eric’s daily routine includes waking up early in the morning and going for a walk. He walks for a couple of hours every morning.

Kramer has given himself wholly for body fitness. As hard as his workout was, the results it bred were tremendous as well. “It was too noticeable to ignore,” Eric said. He said “Before everybody’s eyes, I started changing. And I don’t think that they saw it coming.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Eric Allan Before After

Eric’s workout was so intense that he turned from a helpless fat dad to a well muscles-built bodybuilder.

You can clearly notice his biceps and the rest of the change. Kramer took it very seriously. In the process, he lost 35 pounds.

Before doing these all efforts, Eric weighed around 260 pounds, however, after this workout he gained 2 more pounds but not of fat. He gained muscles. Kramer is now a very healthy person, he has changed his health a lot.

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Eric’s remarks on Weight Loss

Eric is very satisfied with the results of his hard work bread. He said, “I had really bottomed out. Being a single dad with a full-time show, I had stopped paying attention to myself. But now I take good care of myself and I’m planning to do so.” The transformation Eric brought to his life was very necessary.

On another occasion, Eric said, “We’ll be explaining the change in the end cliffhanger. There’s still plenty about me to laugh about since as you see me get healthier, I actually get balder.”

The actor also celebrated the fact that no one will ever make jokes about his being fat, saying, “The writers started coming up to me, saying ‘Hey what’s going on? We wanted to write a joke about your physique and now we can’t.” He is living the life he aspired to and he seems to be very satisfied with it.

Is Eric a Gay?

There was a rumor on social media a few months ago, saying that Eric was gay. But, the actor himself has never spoken on such matters. It seems that he likes to keep his personal life to himself. However, Kramer is the father of a son. He is a single dad. As of now, we don’t know whether Eric is gay or straight.


Kramer is blessed with an athletic body. His height is 6 feet and 3 inches. His weight is 262 pounds. Eric has blue eyes and blond hair. He has worked on his muscles so much that he looks like a wrestler.


Eric’s weight loss is very dynamic. It shakes and breaks the common myth that “weight loss is very hard”.

Kramer has improved his health a lot. And by doing so he has made a path for people who are confused about whether to start the journey of weight loss or not. He is a very funny guy with a big heart.

Eric’s story of losing weight is very unique as he converted the unhealthy weight into healthy muscles. If you are struggling with obesity and are struggling on a way to fight it. Then Eric’s story can help you and it can be a very effective path for you.

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