Lydia Ko Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Lydia is a Korean-New Zealander professional golfer. She has always been very passionate about golf. She was ranked top in the Women’s Golf Ranking when she was just 17 years old, making her the youngest golf player ranked top in either gender.

In 2014 and 2015, Ko was included in the list of the top 100 most influential people by Times. All her golf accomplishments asides, recently, Lydia was in the spotlight for totally another reason. When Ko shared her new photo on Instagram, the change in her body was apparent.

Fans started noticing some changes in her physique and were wondering whether Ko has lost any weight. But has Lydia really lost weight? Let’s dive deep into her weight loss journey of Ko and find out the truth.

Lydia Ko’s Weight Loss Journey

After receiving a lot of questions and getting asked at almost every interview, Lydia finally decided to share the truth. “Been getting a lot of comments about weight loss, lately,” Lydia wrote on her Instagram story. “To everyone that’s worrying, I haven’t lost any weight since last year.”

She further wrote, “In fact, I have gained a couple of kgs! Always appreciate y’all looking out for me, and thinking of me. I’ll be keeping working at it and will come back stronger than ever.” This made fans even more curious as they started thinking about Lydia’s weight loss in the last year. Let’s find out in detail.

How did Lydia Lose Weight?

In the previous year, Lydia lost around 15 pounds, which was a big deal given her already slim figure. After Lydia admitted that she had lost weight, fans started asking how did she do that. Well, Ko lost weight by changing her daily routine a little bit and then being consistent in it.

Ko started consuming less amount of calories compared to before. She also said goodbye to all kinds of processed food along with drinks. Ko shifted to more of a plant-based diet along with eating lean meat. She also increased the time she spent working out. “For somebody that does zero cardio to just a little bit made a huge difference,” Lydia said.

Ko started engaging in activities such as swimming, dancing and running. She also started practicing yoga and meditation which brought “comfort to my mind”. All these changes in Ko’s lifestyle brought big changes in her appearance.

Before & After Weight Loss

Lydia Ko Before After Weight Loss

As of now, Ko weighs around 140 pounds whereas before losing weight, her weight was 155 pounds. She has lost 15 pounds along the way.

Critics of Lydia’s Appearance

Although there were many fans supporting Lydia’s new appearance, there were some who found it funny and passed comments. The golf commentator, Juli Inkster’s comment on Ko’s weight loss made headlines. “Looked like she needed to go to the buffet counter. we all want to see five more pounds on Lydia,” Inkster joked about Lydia’s physique.

“She can have five of mine. That’s one thing I’m an all-star at and that’s eating,” Inkster added. Juli Inkster was slammed for passing demeaning comments on Lydia’s body. In response to Lydia’s angry fans, Juli said, “I kid her all the time. Don’t take things so seriously. We are a family out here. We care for each other.”

Final Words

There’s no doubt that Lydia has come so far in her golf career and is continuing to achieve more success.

However, the recent developments in her health have also proved how passionate Lydia is about living a healthy life.

So, if you are struggling with weight in your life, stop worrying about what others say and take action.

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