Sandi Toksvig Weight Loss 2023: Before & After Journey

Sandi Toksvig is a famous comedian, writer, and actress. She has provided us with a lot of entertaining stuff. Toksvig has worked on multiple projects. Her portfolio is very long and full of details. From being an actress to a political activist, Sandi has succeeded in all ventures.

Sandi also worked as a co-presenter of ‘The Great British Bake Off’. However, after four years (2017-2020), Toksvig left the show.

Since then the fans have noticed a change in her appearance. The actress seems much slimmer than before. Toksvig has lost a huge amount of weight and has slimmed down to size 10.

When fans noticed her weight they started worrying about her health. They thought, maybe Sandi was suffering from some illness.

However, this was not the case obviously. The British-Danish star was working on her health. That was the main reason Sandi left GBBO. She said in an interview “As my waistline would attest, Bake Off is an all-consuming show.

She had to take care of her health. As Toksvig was busy with her work, she did not notice that her weight was increasing and becoming a problem for her. However, after struggling with her health issues Sandi realized that it was time to lose some pounds.

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How Sandi lost weight?

Sandi Toksvig

When fans noticed that Toksvig has undergone a body transformation.

Their first question was ‘How?’.

Well, as you can expect going from size 22 to size 10 requires a lot of work. A lot of work. She followed a strict diet plan to get there. In a short period of 12 months, Toksvig succeeded in losing 4 stone! That is 56 pounds.

Toksvig followed ‘Louise Parker Diet Plan’

Louise Parker is a British Diet and Fitness expert. She has also written a book on following a weight loss plan, named “The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life“. 

She is a very famous fitness expert. Louise has 20 years of experience in the field. She has a lot of celebrities and CEOs as clients.

Sandi also followed the Louise Parker method to lose weight. Parker’s method is very simple. Toksvig followed Parker’s diet as well as a workout plan. Let’s first discuss her diet plan.

Parker’s first and foremost step is to ‘accept you’ve got to change your lifestyle.’ The second step is to not ‘put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Sandi followed a well-established diet plan. Toksvig would have three meals a day. The food that is ‘eatable’ according to Louise is the following:

Salmon steak or fish fillet, Greek yogurt, a small handful of nuts, either chicken breast or thigh, eggs and all kinds of vegetables except starchy ones, oat bran, high-fiber-grain-based foods, and all kinds of fruits.

Of course, you don’t have to eat this all food in only one day. These are the sets of healthy food that you can choose from for your daily meals.

Parker advises avoiding eating sugar as much as you can. She also recommends 8 to 7 hours of sleep at night. Besides that Parker advises to ‘take a brain nap for 20 minutes daily’.

Of course, when Sandi followed this all-health advice, better results were inevitable. Parker also advocates limiting the use of mobile. “Set an alarm on your phone for 9 pm, then turn it off. Surely everything can wait until tomorrow.” Said, Parker. She also says that surround yourself with positive people to receive positive energy.

Sandi followed most of if not all of these details. Toksvig said, “I mostly don’t eat carbs today – actually, I’m not attracted to them anymore.” That is the only thing that Sandi doesn’t agree with in Parker’s diet plan.

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Sandi’s Workout Plan

The GBBO co-presenter also follows the workout plan included in Louise Parker’s method. According to Parker walking for a couple of hours daily is best for novices.

Because engaging in any high-intensity activities might be harmful to their health. Once your body builds a habit of daily workouts then you can add some new exercise.

However, if exercising is becoming a problem dancing can also be a very efficient way of weight loss as it is also a calorie-burning practice.

Toksvig would walk for an hour daily. She also joined a gym where she would do workouts. Sandi’s main workout included weight lifting and some 1000 steps.

Before & After Weight Loss

Sandi Toksvig Before after weight loss

The weight loss journey of Sandi from 250 to 190 pounds is very fascinating. She achieved this success in a short period of one year. Along the way, Sandi lost 56 (4 stone) successfully.


Toksvig has always been a very busy person in her life. She has worked as an actress, journalist, TV show presenter, and producer of radio and TV shows as well.

In April 2015 she also founded a political party, Women’s Equality Party, as a co-founder by saying “Not too late to fight the good fight, after all.”

After achieving all this success, Sandi started her weight loss journey in the year 2020. Which turned out to be a very good decision.

Currently, Toksvig is living a happy and healthy life with her partner, Debbie Toksvig. They joined each other in 2007.

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