Lenny Henry Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The British comedian and actor, Henry, has earned his name and fame through a lot of hard work. He has proved his talent by showing his mind-blowing performance in TV shows like Chef and The Magicians. Lenny has been rocking the world of screenplay since he entered.

However, there was one hindrance in his acting career. That was his health. With all the work mounting up, Henry lost track of his health. His weight shoot up and within months he was struggling with doing his work properly.

The gaining weight had more severe effects on Lenny’s health. He was even diagnosed with diabetes in 2014. The main reason behind his diabetes was his increasing weight. The diagnosis was a Go for Lenny. 

That was the moment that Lenny realized that he would have to do something about his extra pounds. And with that thought, he embarked on the journey to lose weight. That led to tremendous weight loss. So, how did it happen at all? 

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Lenny Henry’s Weight Loss Journey

Lenny Henry weight loss

Lenny’s weight loss journey started right after his diagnosis of diabetes. Doctors told him to stay away from unhealthy food or he would have to deal with more problems. Henry was advised to not consume sugar at all, which proved very hard at first.

Being a fan of sweetness, Lenny had a really hard time restraining himself. However, as time passed, Lenny learned how to put an end to his craving. After all, it was the question about his increasing weight and health. 

Read, how Lenny describes the experience, “I’ve lost between two-and-a-half stone, I was big. You’ve got to eat no sugar and drink hardly any alcohol and all the stuff you like”, Henry said, “You can’t Hobnob your way through the day”.

He put an end to meat consumption for almost 2 months. Instead of it, Lenny would have green vegetables and fruits. He ate a lot of broccoli to lose weight. Henry continued to describe his diet plan as “Well, it’s eating broccoli and not much else. I’ve also been running a lot. It has worked”.

Lenny also joined a gym where he would lift weights and would do hard-core exercise 6 days a week, leaving only Sunday. At first, he faced a lot of problems in adopting the gym’s routine.

However, as time passed, Henry started doing workouts for as long as 4 hours a day. That had a tremendous effect on his body which was becoming more healthy with each passing day.

Before & After Weight Loss

Lenny Henry before after weight loss

After losing 42 lbs (3 stone), Henry’s current weight is 185 lbs. Previously, Lenny’s weight was 227 lbs. He has really made a huge difference. 

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Final Words

The phrase, Health is Wealth, has become a cliche that we often say without even giving a thought to its meaning.

As Henry’s story totally demonstrates, we should take care of our health while being busy in our everyday life. Lenny, after struggling for months, learned that health really is wealth. I hope that this story was enough to prove it. Stay safe, stay healthy/wealthy.

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