Grace Kinstler Weight Loss 2022: Has She Really Shed Pounds?

Grace is an American singer. She rose to fame after she appeared in the nineteenth season of American Idol. Kinstler ended up in the third position in the show. Besides her being a singer, Grace is also a model. She has a huge fan following on Instagram.

Thousands of her fans wait for any new update from Grace’s life. Even though after the 19th season of American Idol, Kinstler became well-known for her singing talent, she recently became a topic of discussion among American Idol fans for totally another reason.

Weight Loss Journey

Grace Kinstler weight loss

Rumors about Grace’s losing weight are all over the internet. Let’s find out the truth behind them. Rumors about Kinstler’s weight loss started spreading after she shared her new photos on Instagram. 

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Has Grace Really Lost Weight?

Well, there is no official talk from Grace, herself, about whether she has lost any weight. However, her new physique, as compared to her old appearance, tells another story. As it seems, she has lost a lot of weight since she joined American Idol. 

Grace Kinstler before after weight loss

Kinstler went from weighing 176 pounds to 122 pounds. While losing 54 pounds along the way. Most of her weight loss owes to the fact that she changed her diet by a big margin. Not only that, but after the end of the show, Grace started working out as well.

With all these efforts combined, she successfully lost a lot of weight and got lighter. Changing not only her physique but her healthy in a positive way as well. After losing weight, Kinstler soon became a role model for a lot of young women.

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