Kass McQuillen Weight Loss 2023: How did She shed 30 Pounds?

CBS’s Survivor is quite famous for its difficulties as well as for the entertainment it provides. Participants are selected and then they are sent to a remote place on the planet where they have to survive for quite a long time.

The participants are then eliminated one by one by their fellow participants through voting. And the one who is left and has survived is called the winner.

To sound cool, the winner is called “Sole Survivor”. Kass McQuillen is one of those survivors. Although she hasn’t won any season yet she has proved herself to be called a survivor.

Kass has appeared in two seasons of the show: Cagayan and Cambodia. As mentioned earlier, Survivor is a tough reality show. The survivors not only have to keep stable relationships with each other, but they also have to survive in the wild.

To survive in the wild, a person has to do a lot of hard work. Which, as a result, has negative impacts on their health. While trying to survive and stay in the game, McQuillen did a lot of hard work. As a result, she lost a tremendous amount of weight, following are the details.

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Kass McQuillen’s Weight Loss

Kass McQuillen Weight Loss

In her first season on the show, Cagayan, McQuillen didn’t have much experience. Because of this, she was also having a tough time dealing with the politics of the show. Now, being alone on Survivor is not a good thing. 

Kass had to find shelter for her. She also had to gather food and water for her survivor. Which isn’t an easy job in the wild.

As survivors aren’t allowed to bring anything except necessary tools with them so they have to make arrangements for their food through whatever they find on the island.

Kass, while doing all this intense labor, started losing weight very quickly. Fans were worried about the worsening condition of Kass’ health.

However, the good thing is that she got control over herself and remained in good shape for the rest of the season.

Kass lost about 30 pounds while trying to survive in Cagayan. Kass ended in the third position.

Kass McQuillen before after weight loss

Kass’ Comments about the Season

When she was asked by the interviewer about her hardships on the island, McQuillen replied, “I’m not a goal. I’m just hated. People come down on me, especially the women. But I’m just going to argue to the women that I came out here and I played like a man”.

She concluded, “And you can’t fault me for that”. It is true that Kass had to deal with a hard time in the show, nevertheless, she overcame it.

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Final Words

Nature is a beautiful thing and there is no doubt about it. However, it can be lethal sometimes. Especially when an inexperienced person is met with it.

Kass was a well-trained survivor. Besides, she would immediately receive help from the cast of the show would there had been any mishaps. So, go camping but be prepared for everything.

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