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Gregory Jbara Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Do you know that Blue Bloods’ star, Gregory Jbara, has gone through a massive weight loss? He has lost a huge amount of weight in just a period of a year.

Jbara was never the kind of a guy who would leave the luxury of life and would work towards losing weight. He did it though and that is another story.

Fans were very concerned about Gregory’s health. But he himself never talked about it. His weight was increasing with the passage of time.

Let’s find out what really happened when Jbara left his comfortable couch and joined the gym.

Weight Loss Journey

Gregory Jbara Before Weightloss

While Gregory was cutting the cake for his 57th birthday he took a decision about his current health. Jbara set out on a journey towards better health. There were multiple factors behind that decision though.

When Gregory’s son, Zachery Jbara joined the gym at the age of 16. He invited, his father Gregory Jbara to accompany him. But Gregory did not join him.

Even Jbara’s fans would message him and tell him to consider the possibility of losing weight. of course, they wanted him to be healthy. But it was very hard to convince Jbara.

Bitter Truth

With the passage of time, Gregory confronted a bitter truth more accurately a fact. When the actor was shopping in a utility store. A fan of his found him.

She captured a selfie with him. The fan also gave some advice to Gregory that would become the reason Jbara took the decision to lose weight.

The fan told him that how overweight is a big problem for health. She also shared the story of her husband’s struggle with weight and the diseases he faced.

She suggests he turn vegan. Jbara did not listen to the advice seriously and did not give much attention to her. But his mind was already analyzing the information.

Finally, Gregory made the decision of losing weight when he heard the news of the death of Marine Mazzie, a three-time Tony Award nominee. Mazzie died because of Ovarian Cancer.

Although Gregory was not struggling with cancer the news of Mazzie’s death struck him. He realized that he could take control of his health and that was the moment when Jbara started his weight loss journey.

Gregory realized that wasting time and over-eating was not a good habit and it may cause grave trouble. Jbara set out on a journey of losing weight and he succeeded.

He said about his health “Taking care of my health is a simple and profound expression of how much I love myself and, more importantly, love and want to be with my wife and sons.” Since then Jbara has changed his health conditions a lot in a positive way.

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How Gregory Got Rid of His Weight?

Jbara lost weight by following a diet plan by well-known nutritionist, Lilly Padilla. Gregory’s family also supported him during the weight loss.

His dear wife, Julie Jbara, accompanied Gregory on his journey. They followed the diet plan suggested by Padilla. And changed their physical appearances for good.

Lilly Padilla’s Suggested Diet Plan

Lilly made a chart for the Jbara family. It helped them to track what they ate and drank. The chart also helped Gregory because his easy nature would make it hard to track things. The trainer, Lilly, also taught some great healthy recipes to Ms. Jbara.

For breakfast, Jbara would have green tea. At lunch, he would eat lighter food that as salad, green vegetables, and fruits. He would also eat the new daily recipes that Lilly would teach.

Gregory seems to be very satisfied with Lilly Padilla’s way of training. He praised her in the following way, “I have learned a lot from her. After 57 years of ‘living to eat instead of ‘eating to live. Lilly has taught this ‘old dog’ some ‘new tricks’. Which have helped me a lot.” Indeed, those ‘tricks’ have proved to be very useful for the actor and his family.

If you are also seeing forward to losing some pounds then contacting a trainer would be very useful. It is the best option.

However, if you are having trouble with finding a trainer for any particular reason. You can also follow the tips mentioned here.

Consume fruits and vegetables a lot. Drink water a lot. Avoid dairy products. Drink juice of fresh fruits and veggies instead of tea or coffee. These are some of the very useful and subtle tips to lose weight.

Gregory’s Workout Plan

There is not much information available about Jbara’s workout plan. Though it is obvious that he did a daily workout in the gym.

He would also walk for about an hour daily. Jogging is a very good way of losing weight. It is not only a way of losing weight but also builds your stamina.

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How much weight did Gregory lose?

In Gregory Jbara’s own words “I am proud to report that as of my 58th birthday I have lost over 80lbs, my wife Julie lost 41lbs. I feel better than I have in over 12 years.” It is a very big achievement, isn’t it?

Before & After Weight Loss

Before After Gregory Jbara

The difference in Jbara’s face before and after is apparent. You can see how much weight has he lost. It has been a very exciting and unique experience for Gregory as he never considered thinking about his health in terms of weight.


Gregory Jbara’s journey tells us many stories. It tells us how you can change the way your world is by simply looking at all possibilities.

For 57 years Jbara never took the idea of weight loss seriously. And when he did his whole world changed and is very happy with his current condition.

It also tells us that the thing that seems very difficult or impossible from the outside is nothing but your illusion, once you have decided to break it down.

Gregory’s journey also tells us that if you have decided to do something you will achieve it no matter how difficult it is or it seems.

By looking at Gregory’s journey we can also understand the importance of someone’s support you love very much. It is very cute to see how Gregory’s wife supported him and joined the weight loss journey along with her husband.

Even though she did not need it. I hope that Gregory Jbara’s story will help you in multiple aspects of your life.